Multifunctional furniture will be a practical addition to your kitchen. One of these useful items is a chair-ladder. A transformer ladder has many variations. There are interesting models from IKEA, a simple version can be performed with your own hands. You will need to look at the photo, then create a drawing and follow the following recommendations for the assembly.


The transformer for the kitchen from IKEA

The presence of a comfortable chair with steps from IKEA in the kitchen will facilitate access to the upper shelves of the items. There are several options from which you can choose the most suitable one according to personal preferences and interior design. You can buy wooden transformer from IKEA with cover stain. There is a model in black color. There is also a model from untreated wood, which can be arranged according to your wishes.

Stool-transformer from IKEA is suitable not only for use in the kitchen. It might be required for different household needs. Due to the design of a stepladder it is easy to move to the right place. The stool has two stages. Folding transformer manufacturer is equipped with three spars.



Start of work on the chair with your own hands

The first step is to prepare a drawing of the parts, from which you will later assemble the chair-ladder. The chosen material is wood, as a rule. It is easy to handle. As it is seen in the top photo, the transformer of wood fits easily into the interior.


Materials that should be prepared:

  • furniture panel;
  • a jigsaw and a drill;
  • set of drills;
  • a machine for grinding;
  • frazier;
  • screws;
  • joiner’s glue;
  • varnish for final processing.

Before you start sawing the contours of the side walls, we recommend to form chamfer for the fastening of each stage.

Preparation of parts and assembly procedure

When the drawing is ready, it is is fixed on a wooden workpiece with a duct tape or in other convenient way.

Using a suitable drill and jigsaw, you should first cut out the inner contour of the part. Then move to the outside. After working with the first blank, move on to the next: fix the drawing and cut along the contours.

The result should be two pairs of sides: two larger parts for the chair and the two smaller parts for the partition with the bottom of the stairs. The ends of the finished parts must be well sanded. You should eliminate the sharp edges of the elements with the help of a router.

This measure will prevent chipping of the ends under a heavy load.

Following the same order, you should make the backrest and a stage of the product. The sides should be joined in pairs, locking the back on the screws, and separate crossbars. In the photo you can note that the seat will also act as a stage during the transformation of the chair into the ladder. Then you should interconnect segments of a design. Use a suitable size piano hinge in order to do this.



When a chair-ladder is ready, we can polish the surface and apply a protective composition. Grinding must be performed carefully in order to make all the details smooth to the touch. Before you begin to paint, we recommend you to make layer with a latex primer, and then you should putty cap screws. Alternatively, sometimes they are closed by wooden stoppers under the color of the product. You can then apply two coats of paint pf the desired hue.

The photo presents and other ways of making the ladder-transformer with you own hands. It is easy to execute the model in the form of stool. Among the elements of the design:

  • four steps to the stringers;
  • supporting segment, where there are no steps;
  • seat;
  • connecting bars.


If you want to make an assembly of the highest quality, then you should assemble the product on the dowels and check the compatibility of all elements. Then the wooden transformer is dismantled, if necessary, the details are adjusted, and assembled completely with the carpenter’s glue.

Another version of a ladder

Another option is a wooden chair and a pull-out segment. When the design is folded, it is located directly under the seat. If necessary, you can easily turn a comfortable chair in at least a functional ladder — 3 steps should be enough for easy access to attics, etc.

high chair stepping stool transformer

high chair stepping stool transformer

If you want to make the product was sustainable, it is necessary to fix the legs at an angle of 10 degrees. That’s why the ends of the parts are rasped parallel at an appropriate angle. A similar bevel should be performed at bars, where a seat is fixed.
Chair-ladder is a convenient and functional piece of furniture. You can buy the finished product or produce such a ladder with your own hands. Leave a comment and share your own findings and useful recommendations on the arrangement of the wooden ladder.

wooden ladder-transformer

wooden ladder-transformer