An essential element of the apartment, located at a height of over 15 meters, is the fire escape on the balcony. It connects a located on the balconies of escape hatches. It cannot be dismantled or brewed, it will worsen safety conditions. In some cases, they use a rope model. The impossibility of dismantling deals with the fact that in the event of an emergency, the lack of such structures complicates the process of evacuation. But what if such a structure is present on your balcony?

Flower "glade" on the evacuation ladder


The possibility of complete dismantling

When buying an apartment, many new owners believe they can dispose of both residential and non-residential premises, disassembling all the extra design. Tenants usually give several reasons for dismantling. Among the motives which impel to the analysis, there are the following:

  • Protection against the penetration of thieves.
  • The need for glazing with removal.
  • Expansion of the area of the loggia.
  • The addition of balconies to the residential space.

The common property includes bays, attic and floor slabs, and fire escape on the balcony and exterior design. In some cases, there can be used a rope model. So, the rope model is interesting because of its compactness.


The balcony with fire escape cannot be reconstructed or glazed.

This is due to the fact that the insulation and glazing may contain combustion products that can cause smoke to interfere with the evacuation of residents from the upper floors.

The best price is a rope model. The cost is determined by the design parameters and materials used. Influences and painting. But these designs are not only used in high-rise buildings. Fire ladders are necessary in the public institutions. They often lead to the roof.

Decorate the stairs on the balcony


If construction cannot be removed, you can use the unusual design. There can be repair of fire stairs and the design change. Usually it is at an angle, which takes up almost the entire space of the balcony. One of the best decisions is upright, and the rope model. You should shorten and place it vertically. This will free up additional space. The direct model looks good in the case that leads to the roof.
You can replace the massive structure, established by the company, to more attractive and comfortable vertical or exterior design.
You can buy them in one of the home improvement stores. The perfect solution is a rope model. But you cannot touch anything and install on one side of the treads houseplants. There are various designs that you can see in the photo.


How can you use the ladder for the benefit of yourself?

Design of a balcony with a fire ladderUninteresting and seemingly unnecessary balcony staircase can be effectively decorated:

  • Exterior design or unusual design can be made using decorative elements or pots with compact flowers.
  • Adapted as a fastener for exercise equipment
  • The upper levels can be fitted with a mezzanine for storage.
  • Arrange there small shelves, as pictured right.
  • Tie clotheslines.
  • You can use a vertical design.
  • Looks good in bright colors.

If you want to make the design of the balcony more decorative, the best solution would be painting the steps white or bright color.


The used materials

If you look at the photo, you can see what materials are used. Typically, such ladders are made from durable and reliable material which is resistant to corrosion. This is especially important if they lead to the roof. The metal can tolerate exposure to the environment, including the harshest weather conditions. The price depends on what types of materials are used. Rope model is possible. But the best are the following refractory materials:

  • metal profile;
  • reinforcing steel;
  • steel sheets;
  • channels.

The process of manufacture of fire-escapes has a lot of features. Their individual elements may be made from a variety of materials, especially if they are on the roof.

The name of the materialThe amount of water absorption, %Temperature resistance 0C




What types of ladders are there?

There are the following types:

  • Outer ladder – a lightweight metal construction with fixed installation. It is subjected to anti-corrosion treatment.
  • Internal design, provided with metal elements coated with a refractory paint.

There are some other types of fire escapes. Special a three-knee model is different by a high quality build. A three-knee model is presented by a portable design, used for fire extinguishing. Its price is almost always the same. Affordable three-section design allows you to extinguish the fire as quickly as possible.

External evacuation ladders