When making steps based on concrete, whether it is a staircase in a private house or a porch on the street, the formwork for the steps must be chosen correctly in order to facilitate your work and complete the installation as quickly as possible.

Formwork for steps can be considered the basis, which is formed from a dense material, in order to ensure that the concrete takes the desired shape and does not spread. Do-it-yourself formwork installation often resorts to the use of wood or wood-based materials since they are less expensive. It can be plywood, OSB, and even chipboard.

Accordingly, the material is sawn into the required segments, a frame is formed with their help, and reinforcement is necessarily carried out. Sometimes, it is recommended to wrap each of the formwork sections in a plastic film. This will help the concrete to retain water in the mix better, harden more slowly and be more durable. In addition, the presence of a film on the surface of the wood allows you to reuse the material, which is important when considering the process of arranging stairs.

A prerequisite for the formation of formwork is maximum tightness. Therefore, the overall structure, in the end, is either sheathed with a film or all the seams go through by foaming. This eliminates the slightest cracks through which the concrete can flow.