Many owners of country houses pay great attention to its design. The harmonious look of porch (entrance steps), affects the appearance of the facade of the building. For example, exterior stairway of different designs helps to quickly climb to the second floor. The article presents photos of different buildings with outdoor stairs leading to the second floor.

Beautiful outdoor staircase

Emphasis on safe operation

Rough clinkerBuilding market offers a large assortment of structures made of different materials: concrete, wood, tile, stone, granite and others. Exterior staircases perfectly complement the exterior design of the building and fit perfectly into the architecture. Each country-house owner chooses the design of the porch for himself. But first of all we should pay attention to construction safety.

It must be remembered that in winter, the coating steps can slide. Many metal structures are rough surface slip-resistant. Among ceramic tiles you can meet a special non-slip model (pictured right).
The edges of the treads are bonded with friction material having a large coefficient of friction and high heat resistance. Due to this, the material covering the stairs will not be slippery.

The safest designs are made of wood and metal,  i. e. combined, and the most durable ones – made of concrete.
Coating wooden steps is not subjected to freezing, and the metal railings ensure the reliability of the porch.

Quick access to the second floor

Ascent to the second floor of the buildingRising to the second floor or the stairs entrance groups, one must be confident in the reliability of the stair design. If you don’t want it to be shaky, you need to do the following:

  • pour a foundation (in the case of the porch), which may be integral with the building or separate;
  • make the style of the porch according to the style of construction, for example, home from a bar will not fit heavy duty metal staircase;
  • the design must be securely fastened to the building;
  • use only high-quality materials.

In the photo you can clearly see the proper execution of the concrete porch.

Safe steps of the porch

Several ways to protect staircases


Stairs from the street are exposed to adverse external factors that affect the integrity of the structure. If you want to avoid damage of the coating, corrosion of metal and rotting wood, you should pay attention to the protection of stairways. You should make a canopy covering the structure completely, or use a special tool, applied on stage. The photo below clearly shows how the entrance to the house will look when it is protected by the visor.

Openwork visor brings ease to the entrance group

The purpose of the construction from the street

External screw design ladderThis kind of design is an important detail not only for home decoration and functionality of the building, but also for external communication of the exterior with the interior. The outside staircase is very important, if the area adjacent to the house is uneven in height. Key features of street stairs:

  • the relationship between the floors;
  • open access to the house;
  • in the event of evacuation in an emergency.


There are several options for construction of street stairs:

  1. Porch – the most common model. If the territory is heterogeneous in relation to the house, the owners of country houses resort to the using of stairs.
  2. The staircase is required if the building has a basement.
  3. By building connects the area with the terrace.
  4. Used as a fire escape leading to the second floor, which is designed for evacuation.
  5. An outer staircase, which takes you up to the attic – this option saves internal space of the house.
  6. This design is an additional entrance to the building leading to the second floor.

External devices are of the following types: vertically located for quick access to the roof, and screw conventional propulsion. In our photo you can see all the options for construction of stairs from the street and to choose.


How to choose the right design

The model of porch can be chosen according to the architecture of the house. Luxury villas are perfectly twisted to staircases with wrought-iron elements. Sometimes owners choose a different material, as long as it was combined with the architecture of the building.
Simple buildings will do with simple models that can emphasize the overall design of the structure.
It is important to know sites and marches which are desirable to maintain in a certain style. If you select direct style, you don’t need to link it with helical spans. Each option has its purpose.

Direct model is made of metal; it is used for the evacuation from the second floor in case of emergency.

It is also important that the used materials are combined with each other. For example, wood and metal, as already mentioned, which look great together. We should not forget about the coating, because the safety of the household should come first.


Factors affecting the cost of street stairs

Today the porch is gaining popularity because it allows providing free access to the upper floors. The cost of structures depends on several factors: the used materials used when fitting the model (whether it is helical or conventional march), coating, design and remuneration specialists. Of course, it is easier and cheaper to assemble the structure yourself. Pictured in other articles on our website you can see the stepwise process of installation. But such work takes time and skill. You need to get complete information, calculate details, calculate the waste. It should be remembered that the calculations should be produced at the design stage.
In this article we have tried to put maximum information. Hopefully, it was useful for many users. If you have any suggestions, tips or recommendations, write comments. Perhaps there are readers who will share their photos of street stairs of his house. Remember, beautiful outdoor staircase will be a perfect addition to the external appearance of the house and make it complete. And this is not an allegation – the article about the design of the porch of a private home will prove it to you.