To make formwork for stairs, the following materials are usually used, which are not difficult to purchase:

  • Edged board 35-30 mm.
  • Moisture-resistant plywood, 20 mm thick.
  • Reinforcement 12 mm thick.
  • Bar with a section of 50 * 150 or 100 * 100 mm.

As well as self-tapping screws, dowels, reinforced metal corners, knitting wire. From the tool you will need a building level, a plumb line, a screwdriver, an electric jigsaw, a hammer.

Formwork installation and concrete pouring

In order to better understand the formwork manufacturing procedure, it is necessary to know its main elements. These include:

  • Bars that bind the entire structure together into a single whole.
  • The bars that form the steps of the stairs, according to the developed drawing.
  • Plywood, cut according to the given dimensions, which serves as boards for future steps.

The sequence of actions that will help answer how to make the formwork for the stairs:

  1. Based on the prepared drawing, it is necessary to mark up the walls along which the stairs will be located. The marking should take into account not only the dimensions of the concrete structure, but also the thickness of the future cladding, the thickness of the finished floor of the upper and lower floors.
  2. According to the markup, formwork guides are installed. To do this, use an edged board. The guides are fixed to the wall (if it is next to the march) and additionally fixed with timber racks. After that, the entire structure is strengthened with struts and self-tapping screws.
  3. Plywood is laid on the ends of the guides, and flanging is made from it. The result is a box of future formwork.
  4. The finished structure is well fixed with beam spacers and fastened with self-tapping screws.
  5. All elements are carefully polished and adjusted.
  6. After preparing the box, the reinforcement of the future staircase begins. For this, reinforcing bars are driven into the wall, and perpendicularly, forming cells 150 by 200 mm. To bundle the rods together, a knitting wire is used, which is attached with a hook.
  7. Having completed the strapping, the preparation of the formwork of the steps of the stairs begins. For this, a beam and reinforced metal corners are used, with which it is attached to the sides of the formwork or to the wall.

After the installation is completed, the stairs can be poured with concrete. The process starts at the bottom and works its way up. During the pouring process, the concrete is constantly compacted.