Stair design in the house provides access to various premises and can perform several functions simultaneously. A simple staircase is the best option for the construction of housing, as its assembly and installation will not require significant money and effort.

Benefits of double marches designs


Staircase with a landing is one of the best choices for the decoration of a country house or city apartment. The choice of mounting with your own hands or inviting professionals depends on the budget repair and the ability to handle tools. Simple design does not require long installation and is considered the safest and comfortable.
The other advantages of 2-marching staircases include:

  • ease of maintenance and repair;
  • high functionality;
  • decorative properties;
  • a small price;
  • huge range of materials;
  • optional extra.

Prefabricated staircases are easy to make on an individual project, which will fully meet the expectations of owners and fit perfectly into the layout and interiors of the room. Sketches and photo layout will help make an impression on the future redevelopment and possible changes in the situation.


The choice of materials

The requirements for base materials include priority requirements – environment, safety and practicality, and perhaps aesthetic qualities, cost, the possibility of finishing.
The main materials for the finished or assembled with your own hand’s paintings are traditional metal, concrete, stone, and wood. Appearing in fashion triplex and architectural plastic can be used separately or in conjunction with other coatings. Glass is considered a spectacular decoration for individual items.
Design for the second floor you can be bought cheap if you ask for to save on décor and decoration. Examples (detailed reports and photo of the user) can push on the idea and give a couple of other original ideas for self-realization.

It will be cheaper to decorate the staircase with your hands, but some methods require consumables and special tools.

Types of structures

Picking up the stairs to the second floor, you should pay attention to the amount of free space. Rotary marches considerably save space but are considered less comfortable and safe.
Classification of paintings:

One-marching staircase

The painting of only a single march would be perfect for the role of little ladders in the attic or in the basement that is where the length of the stairs must be short. Sturdy and reliable designs fit harmoniously into any environment. While assembling with your hands, you only need to choose the right size.



The area with the turn significantly expands the possibilities in the design. The most popular are the turns of 90º or 180º, but it is not a problem to make custom design. After reviewing photos of the finished models, it is possible to allocate the main types of marches. Stairs to the second floor are most often implemented in the form of letters G or P, rarely V-shaped or design of the modular series of arbitrary shape.

Multimid-flight model

The access to the second stage can be provided by a one-marching staircase and more complex webs of 2 marches. As a rule, the increase in the number of spans is required for buildings with greater height. In private homes, such models are used if the same staircase leads not only to the second floor but to the attic as well. Three-marching stairs are not the most popular option for building with your own hands due to the complexity of the implementation and storage space. Two sites should be mounted in cases when the height of the second floor exceeds 3 meters.

There is a perception that the easiest way to collect one canvas is by your own hands, but it’s not always true. An important role is played the method of fastening steps.

The details and features of staircase construction


During the manufacture of a march with your own hands, it is important to calculate the load on each of the items based on the characteristics of materials, and estimated size. Photos of ready-made options from various series can show some of the subtleties. Thus, the three marching stairs have two same spans, which are located at the edges and one in the middle is always a little smaller. Two marching stairways with a platform are not the only variant of the compact implementation. The positioning can be made using winder treads of a special shape.
According to the type of mounting, the stairs to the second floor are divided into:

  1. Console. They can be fixed directly on the wall or using the crown and held with a single or a pair of stringers.
  2. Monolithic. Classic straight ladder and double leaf, single array, as well as more complex models with winder stairs (straight and spiral).
  3. On closed strings and open strings. They are different in their support – stops are placed between the beams or lean on them.

Three-marching stairs often involves the presence of the stringers or beams. It is often easier to order the design of complex types is easier to order rather than properly design and assemble it.

Advice and tips on the selection, purchase and installation of two-marching designs with your hands or with the help of professionals will definitely make life easier for many people who want to construct their staircase! And if you want to elevate the ladder, you should read the article about decorating stairs with pictures.