None country house or plot can do without the staircase. You can make them from different materials or buy the prefabricated structures. The simplest and most accessible way of building the staircase is to cast it from the concrete. This allows you to adjust the whole construction to the available sizes and save on the work and materials. A hand-made concrete staircase can be installed both inside and outside the building. It is also worth noting that concrete is suitable for most modern finishing materials.

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Advantages of a concrete staircase

Arrangement of a staircase is a difficult task that requires complex and precise calculations. Especially when it comes to such heavy material as concrete. It is safe, reliable, durable, and accessible. However, a great weight will put a considerable. Therefore, you should mount the concrete staircase with your own hands still in the stage of building construction.

Works on filling the solution imply a large amount of pollution, which is highly undesirable for the pre-finished buildings.

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The main advantage of the reinforced concrete staircase is its price. It is made of cheap and available materials. Provided that the master will perform most works with his own hands, it is impossible to find a cheaper option. At that, concrete can be used to cast the stairs of any shape. The structure can be:

  • flight;
  • winding;
  • curvilinear;
  • combined.

You have complete freedom to choose any size. However, you shouldn’t forget about the accepted standards that guarantee the security and ease of use.

Resistance to moisture, precipitation, temperature drops, mechanical loads, and abrasion make it possible to use concrete stairs not only for arranging the porch but also in landscaping. Such stairs can be completed with the handrails from wood, metal, concrete casting, and finished with natural stone, ceramic tile, wood and parquet board, moquette, and laminate. It allows you to fit them into any environment (as you can see on the videos and photos of interiors and facades in our catalog).

Manufacture of the concrete staircase

Calculating and designing is very important for the correct installation, which is why you should entrust it to the professionals. Rigid formwork is mounted according to the finished drawings. It can be made of wood, wood products or metal. It is very comfortable to use water-resistant plywood for this purpose.

The next important stage is the reinforcement of the concrete staircase. The iron frame can provide reliability and safety of the whole construction, playing the role of the frame. You can watch a video about how to lay and tie the reinforcement net correctly. Wooden or metal support for the installation of railings is also laid at this stage. These are the most complicated and labor-intensive stages of installation of the concrete staircase.

The correct fill is no less important. To build the staircase, you should use concrete with a rubber filler. The most widely used fraction is 2-30 mm. The standard solution in mass fractions:

  • water – 7;
  • rubble – 30;
  • sand – 20;
  • cement – 10.

You should mix the blend thoroughly (preferably with a concrete mixer). It will not only provide a high quality of the mixture but also allow you to prepare a sufficient amount of concrete. It is very important to pour the staircase in one step (if possible) or at least “flight by flight”. The staircase should be filled from top to bottom, as it is not only more comfortable, but also allows you to control the process (so that the concrete doesn’t pour out, and the formwork elements don’t bend).

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how to build a concrete staircase with a landing_3


Every single step should be tamped to avoid the formation of voids. For that, you can use special vibrators, and with low volumes- any hand tools (for example, trowel).

To facilitate finishing works, you have to carefully align the surface of any step. In places of high passability and those finished with the soft material, the edge of steps should be additionally reinforced with a metal square.

You can remove the formwork after the setting of the solution, even though many masters recommend to take things slow. However, it is possible to move on the staircase and keep building, and finishing works only after complete drying. It is better to wait for 28 days.

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Final stage: components and finishing

After that, you can proceed with the installation of railing stands and decorative finishing. To that end, you can use ceramic tile, natural stone, wood, and many other finishing materials. The polishing of concrete is relevant for administrative and commercial facilities. It can also be used in landscape design and for the decoration of the entrance group. Despite the fact that such a solution isn’t characterized by special decorative qualities, it is very durable and doesn’t require any care.

Even though the creation of a concrete staircase is cost-effective, this is a very complicated and laborious process. Write the comments, and we will gladly help you resolve the problems and answer the questions that will arise during the building and finishing of concrete stairs with wood and other materials.