Everyone wants to fill their home with a unique atmosphere and create a fantastic interior design. If the house or apartment has several floors, then particular attention will need to be given to stairs. A good choice would be the screw design – it is compact, comfortable and attractive. Find out from the article how to make a spiral staircase on your own. So you can be sure of the reliability and quality of the product and make it truly exclusive. You only need to choose the right materials, develop a design and to assemble the product.

The benefits of spiral staircases

The device of the spiral staircase allows you to create a compact product that is both durable and easy as well as will make the interior of your home originality. Learning how to cook a spiral staircase, you will discover a large number of applied and practical points:

  • as mentioned above, the design of a spiral ladder is very compact and does not occupy much space – it is located around specialized supports and can say, “hanging” in the open space;
  • building such a product is a reasonably cheap process compared to the fabrication of other types of structures;
  • making a spiral design with your own hands is very simple – you don’t need to have specialized knowledge, experience, and skills;
  • another advantage is high efficiency, especially in their homes or two-story homes, where there is a significant human flow.

Build a spiral staircase: preparation for assembly

If you decide to create this type of stair design, the first thing you need to do is to choose suitable materials. Another positive fact for you is that you are not limited to the selection of articles. You can create a classic design of solid wood, weld a piece of metal, use glass, ceramic, plastic, and facing stones. Materials can be combined.

If you want to avoid the possible disadvantages of such structures, it is necessary to consider some points: in order to ensure the safety of the residents of the house steps should be wide enough, and handrails – sturdy and reliable.

When selecting materials for future steps, you should pay attention to two criteria – the overall interior design of your home and the technical characteristics of the material itself. The metal ladder will be more reliable and robust, especially if all the elements are correctly fixed; however, such a product is not always attractive from an aesthetic point of view. The wooden ladder is more beautiful but difficult to clean.
The second preparatory step is the design of the product. Before you begin this process, you will need to pay attention to some features and to take into account some requirements.

  1. When creating a design, it is necessary to abandon the use of the riser element of the ladder, which is vertical and is designed to connect degrees. It is required to make the design safer for the person who uses it. Even if he has to step on the narrow stairs, the foot will not slip off.
  2. While manufacturing such structural parts, as steps, remember that they must have a minimum width of twenty centimeters in the middle section for convenience of circulation.
  3. If you want to be fully confident in the reliability of the product, check that the diameter of the prop in the middle part was at least five centimeters.
  4. Any helical stair design will contain multiple turns. Please note that the distance between them must exceed the standard of human growth that is to be more than two meters. Only, in this case, you will not have to bend over when walking down stairs or rise.
  5. A full turn of the product should include no less than twenty steps.
  6. Railings and handrails should be around your future steps, so the best solution is to make them composite.

During the construction of the ladder, it is necessary to produce a careful calculation of its parameters. Only, in this case, the resulting product will be comfortable to use, reliable, and most importantly, safe for all households.

Build a spiral staircase designs

After carrying out all the calculations and creating a preliminary drawing of the product, after preparation of all materials and tools, you can proceed to the practical side of the process – direct the assembly design. You’ll need to perform all of the installations in the following sequence:

  1. At the initial stage, you need to install and fix pre-prepared main stand.
  2. After installation of the rack, you should mount the spacer bushings and the installation steps.
  3. Next, you need to fix the top element of the staircase design, which will be located on the second floor of your home.
  4. At the final stage, you need to install handrails and railings.

After the design is installed, you have to think about her finish. The future design of your spiral staircase is only limited by your imagination – you can cover it with varnish or paint, add glass or ceramic items to decorate with the decorative stone.
The main thing is to pre-process the material. If you are using wood, sand it using sandpaper. But if you use metal profile, you will need to get rid of rust and dirt (if any).


As it is clear from the above, the installation of a spiral staircase on the second floor by your own is feasible. Using the information provided in the article, you should pick up the right material, develop the design and produce the installation. Be sure to share with us the results of your work in the comments.