If you need to hang curtains, hammer a nail or you have decided to do some renovations, the first thing that you notice is that the ceilings in your apartment are quite high. Some people use the old method and hoist a few stools at each other. However, it is not necessary to risk your health and become a regular visitor of traumatology. There is a better way out of this situation –  to draw attention to the products of Ufuk, Alumet, Step Ladders or Nika. In a nutshell, you should choose a right ladder. And if you don’t want to get lost in the diversity, presented in modern stores, you should examine the algorithm, the correct selection of ladders from Krause or any other manufacturer.

ladders for home use india


Right sliding ladder: how should it look like?

Before you make a final choice in favor of ladders from Krause, IKEA, Nike, or Kroft, you should carefully study what qualities a reliable ladder must have.

  1. First of all, the manufacturers have provided its clear and detailed instructions in your language, so you can explore all the product features and nuances of its use. This rule is taken into account by the manufacturers of extension ladders from Rigger, Alumet and Nika, as well as many other brands.
  2. It has a strong, reliable platform, which is wide enough for various types of work. If the width of pad is a paramount quality for you, note the models from OCOF, Prima, Lux and Elegant.
  3. It has a secure fastening of steps. There can be one of two types of steps – canted step and steps, fitted with rivets. The second option is more standard and familiar, such models are represented in a wide selection of catalogs from JECFA, Nika and OCOF. But the first option (canted steps) – here stands and treads constitute a single whole that allows increasing the reliability of the design, as well as the period of its use. Eurogold ladder is made with such a fastening method, as well as products from IKEA, Prima Lux, Rigger or Step Ladders.


The width of the treads

The next thing you need to pay attention to is the width of the steps. The wider they are, the more confident you will feel using the ladders, especially if you’re going to do this more often. In this case, you should check the ladders from Ufuk, Kroft, Rigger and Zarges.

But if you plan to use it from time to time, you can buy a ladder with narrow rungs. These are models from IKEA, Nike, Alumet and Elegant.

ladders for home

ladders for home

Slide protection

An important criterion, which every ladder should have, is anti-slip. Make sure that its legs are attended by a special nozzle, that will protect you and your loved ones from unexpected troubles.

It is good if the nozzle is made of two components: rubber, which is necessary for reliable coupling with the floor surface, and plastic, for a better fitting to the foot.


Eifel ladder is one of the best in terms of protection from slipping. You should also pay attention to the ladders from Rigger, Kroft, Zarges and IKEA.

The corrugated pattern on each degree, and the court are important caveats. Regardless of the model you like (OCOF, Nika or Alumet), you should be sure to check this condition.

Please note the correct location of the arc security. This element must be located at a distance of eighty centimeters-one meter from the ground or at waist level of the person who decided to use the device. This characteristic corresponds to many models of step ladders, including Elegant, Nika, Step, Zarges and Kroft.

It is good if there are reliable cross bars of durable material in order to prevent inadvertent folding of the structure. According to consumer reviews, these are models of step-ladders from Zarges, Kroft, Rigger, Step, and Ufuk.

Keep in mind all the criteria, and you will probably the best product on the shelves of shops, regardless of the company – OCOF, IKEA, JECFA, Nika, or any other known manufacturer.

chain ladders for homes

chain ladders for homes

Choose the sliding ladder depending on its type

Before you start selecting a suitable ladder, you must determine its type. Depending on the intended use of the product, it can be of several types: bilateral – in the form of the letter “V”, universal or transformers. Household ladder is presented in a wide variety in the catalogs of known manufacturers such as IKEA, Nike, Alumet, Zarges, Ufuk. Almost all types of household works allow you to perform standard two-way products, however, in storage they occupy a lot of space.

Universal ladders have several sections, each of which consists of 5-9 degrees. Such devices can be used as stairs, they also do not take up much space. You can find such a ladder in the directory JECFA, Zarges, Kroft, Rigger, Step, and Ufuk. Transformers combine the first and the second type of ladders, they are very compact and are easily stored. You should pay attention to the products of the following manufacturers, choosing a ladder: IKEA, Alumet, Ufuk, Zarges, Rigger.

ladders for homeowners

ladders for homeowners

Modern models of extension ladders – the choice of the manufacturer

When choosing a ladder, it is important to consider the major manufacturers of products:

  • ladder Eiffel – a good choice for those who prefer a high degree of reliability. Ladder Eifel is very durable, strong and has an elaborate design. If you prefer these products you can pay attention to the devices from Alumet, Zarges, Kroft, Rigger and Step;
  • Eurogold ladder – made of high quality materials, using modern equipment and advanced technologies. Ladder Eurogold will be the best assistant in any home. If you want to ensure that the product will serve you for as long as possible — the ladder from Eurogold is the best choice. There are also more budget options with a long lifetime – JECFA, Nika, Ufuk, Step, Alumet;
  • Krause Toppy XL ladder – a new, nonstandard construction. Ladder Krause Toppy XL is designed for a wide variety of domestic and industrial work. Such types of ladders are presented by models from Ufuk, Step, Zarges, Alumet or Kroft.


There are many companies, which have a great choice – you just should figure out what you need: wooden ladder or an aluminum construction.

Use all tips and you can pick the perfect ladder for your home, regardless of the manufacturer (Nika, Ufuk or Rigger).