When do people use attic ladders with hatch? First of all, they are necessary in cases when the installation of fixed ladders is impossible. This situation occurs when there is no sufficient area for them in the house. As for the price, it will make you happy – such a miracle of technology is quite accessible. Installing attic stairs can help you to save valuable space and use it more efficiently. Also, in the video, you can see how convenient to use them because there is a possibility to adjust their length depending on the needs. Buying such a useful element of your interior, it should be understood that it is sufficiently durable and extremely reliable even in the harshest conditions.

A modern technology miracle

Features of attic ladders

Ladder with a hatch to the attic with one hand easily retracts into the ceiling thanks to a special rod. Many manufacturers strive to equip the hatch with insulation and weather stripping. The shape of openings for this hatch can be completely different.

When purchasing such a ladder make sure that the fasteners and the material are reliable

Such measures of insulation greatly cope with the function of preserving heat in the room, which is also important. Among other things, the size of the ladders is relatively compact, so you can easily clean them at all in the opening of the attic hatch so that they become completely invisible.

Lightweight aluminum staircase

The price of such ladders varies widely depending on the manufacturer and used materials. Judging by the many photos, the most popular brands are MAN, FAKRO, VELTA, because their pricing is reasonable in relation to the excellent quality of their products. That is why they are so popular in not only CIS countries but also around the world.

A particular feature of the attic stairs with hatch – their sizes can be very different and also their price, which is most often regulated based on this fact. In addition, it significantly affects the functional feature of the chosen ladder.

The main advantages of folding stairs:

  • extreme durability;
  • reliability;
  • quality
  • save space;
  • ease of use.


Types of attic ladders

The size of such stairs ladders can be very different depending on what you need. Experts distinguish only three types, which differ from each other by their functional and technical characteristics.

Wooden construction

Stationary ladders

The first type of attic ladders is stationary ladders – their price is considerably higher than of other types. As you know, some people always remain conservative and prefer a certain standard in their home interior. It is allowed if there is a huge space.

Folding ladders

The second, more common type is folding ladders with a hatch. Their main advantage is that they are completely removed in the opening of the hatch. They are made from aluminum or wood. Remember that experts recommend installing a folding ladder made of aluminum in that case if you know what you’ll be using it often enough.

The attic ladders have different size of the opening, but the best option will be 60 cm by 120 cm. Of course, many people try to do as much as possible, but we should not forget about a sense of proportion.

Sliding ladders

Also, there are special extension ladders, which are made of metal, and that is why the price may be somewhat inflated. The main advantage of such devices is that the required opening for the hatch is much smaller than for stairs of the second type. In addition, they are arranged according to the principle of an accordion.

Functionality and reliability

Location of the stairs in the hatchway

The main advantage of the folded ladders is their functionality. They practically do not occupy space, but still able to perform their functions to allow you to ascend to the attic loft and other facilities, which are located above.

You might be pleasantly surprised by how much they are reliable. They have a huge resistance to the adverse effects of external factors; therefore, they will serve you faithfully for a long enough period. However, their price will not frighten – it is acceptable for absolutely everyone.

Manufacturers bothered to advance your safety – ladders have a high degree of strength. Therefore, there are almost no accidents associated with their failure; manufacturers do their best to avoid them. A similar conclusion follows from the fact that the ladder can withstand a weight up to 250 kg. And the steps are pre-equipped with special notches, which eliminates the possibility of accidentally slip and fall.

The price, which you pay for their safety, comfort, and practicality, is quite adequate.

Simplicity in everything – installation, and use

The main convenience of attic stairs with a hatch is that they can be chosen so that they perfectly match the surrounding environment. This fact cannot but please those people who are working hard on the interior of their home.

Metal Sliding Model

Many professionals love them because folding ladders are very easy to install. The installation process takes minimum time and is easy even for ordinary users.

You should pay attention to the fact that appeals to many – it is compact and easy to use.

A folding ladder is almost impossible to notice in the folded position on the ceiling. In this case, those ladders whose price is a little above the rest can be decomposed using a conventional lace. It is easy enough to pull, and everything is ready. The process of folding also doesn’t force you to make enormous efforts – it is necessary to raise the ladder, and the system automatically does it for you.

The thing, which worries many potential buyers of the attic ladders with a hatch, is its price – it can be quite different depending on manufacturers, and the number of sections in them. The most common model has no more than 4 sections. The staircases themselves, in this case, can remind the famous dolls – sections vary in size, and the smaller section is a part of a large one.

Ceiling hatches

If desired, the user can obtain anything for a price. This statement directly concerns the shape of the hatches. In the photo, you can see a variety of forms. Thanks to ceiling hatches, we completely solve the problem with how to get into the room, which is located a floor above.

Often people complain that it is always cold and there is a significant problem of sound insulation due to the opening of the hatch in the room. The attic door can have different sizes, but all this diversity is united by the fact that it is necessary to remember to absolutely everyone. You should check the hatches on the presence of heat and sound insulation in advance; you should notice their absence in the store, not at home.

It is worth considering that there are no gaps between the hatchway and the hatch when installing; this fact completely eliminates the possibility of drafts.

The price of the stairs with a hatch may disappoint you, but you will love how aesthetically pleasing they look. An attractive appearance is something where the designers worked very well. You can decorate the hatch as you would like by yourself. It is mostly of iconic design — primarily white color and square shape. Of course, you can get anything to order.

Availability of attic ladders – myth or reality

The price of the stairs with the hatch is mostly focused on Europe but is quite affordable for the countries of the CIS. This is possible due to the fact that manufacturers are constantly monitoring the market and determine what is the most popular, trying to find the most optimal ratio of price and quality. That is why it is safe to say that such steps are available to absolutely everyone.

Крепеж чердачной лестницы

You can choose either wooden or metal ladders with various size openings. Every company is kind to its reputation, and therefore, you need notworry about anything when choosing such designs. They took care of your safety in advance.