The owners of the modern private house often face such problem as a lack of free space for storage. What to do in this case? Every season, many people get rid of everything unnecessary with discontent. Someone allocate the whole pantry or verandas for storing things, thereby cluttering them. However, you have an opportunity to solve this problem in the other way, more pleasant, simple and comfortable for the house owner. It is enough to rationalize the space under the staircase. How? You can build a beautiful and spacious cupboard under the stairs, whose photos are presented in our catalog.

Case-compartment or a common cupboard — which one do you prefer?

Case-compartment or a common cupboard

Case-compartment or a common cupboard

Before considering the installation of cupboard under the stairs of your house, you need to define what option of this device you prefer. Having studied the photos of the articles and their characteristics, you will be able to choose the one that will satisfy your requirements.

So, there are several main types of cupboards intended for the location under the stairs:


It is intended to save the free space. Besides, case-compartment will organically fit into the design of any interior. When installing such cabinet under the stairs with your own hands, use the opportunity of original and exclusive external finish of this interior item. You can apply finishing with ceramics or glass, photo wallpaper or facing with artificial stone — decoration of case-compartment will depend only on your imagination. Main advantage of case-compartment is that it is very spacious and use the most to the maximum. You can see the options of such cabinet in our photo gallery.

Handmade wardrobe under the stairs

Handmade wardrobe under the stairs

Swing door cabinet

This is another fitted cupboard under the staircase, which will become an optimal solution for the hallways — this is a product with swing doors.

Using such option of furniture, you can employ certain space under the staircase (for example, its lower part) so that both children and adults can use it.

Make a few shelves inside the cupboard, each of which will has its own function (storage of shoes, umbrellas, hats, etc.) The remaining free space will be a perfect solution for additional pantry. The picture of such article is presented below.

Open shelving

It will allow you to decorate the reverse side of the steps. Building this type of cupboard will be much simpler than the options presented above. It will be enough to build a few shelves and install them from the back of the steps — spacious and interesting shelf is ready. You should use this type of shelving if your house has little free space. You can see the options of solutions on our website.
Tip: if you want to create an exclusive product, try to combine the presented options. Combined cabinet fulfils both practical and decorative function: make the upper shelves closed, and leave the upper part for shelving. You can see the design options of such cupboards in the photo below.

How to arrange a cupboard under the stairs: tips for the installation and assembly

Before you start to assemble the product, you should read the important tips, which will significantly facilitate your work:

  • starting to develop the objects, remember that every year the number of things you’ll have to store somewhere will grow; therefore, you should try to rationalize all the free space;
  • you can use the wall of the room or an inner part of the staircase as a veering structure — it will facilitate your work and decreases the amount of work;
  • pay special attention to the mechanism responsible for the door opening— it must be safe, durable and promise a long service life;
  • if you decided to build a case-compartment, you should order a high-quality running system. Give preference to metal;
  • don’t make the doors of the cabinet longer than 1 m— it will make a product maximally comfortable for every resident of your house.
cupboard under the stairs

cupboard under the stairs

Having considered the information and photos on the website, you’ll be able to choose the model, which will meet all your demands and desired characteristics. Take the matter of manufacturing the object responsibly, and you will be able to competently organize the free space. Don’t forget to share the results of your work in the comments!