There are many different types of beds, but loft beds – the most unusual and interesting type. Ladders for the attic of the bed are a favorite place in the room for the kids. That is why it is often used in the nursery. All kinds of loft ladders can be found today.

They allow you to get to the loft without much difficulty.

Stair-transformer: two in one

Loft bed: design features and advantages

A bed of this type has many different features:

  • unusual appearance;
  • the design is very distinctive;
  • many kinds of additional elements.

The features of the design are also its advantages. Thus, the unusual appearance of the bed, located on the second floor of the playset, allows you to create the room a kind of game entourage. It is very popular with the children, and it will allow you to relax. And a good mood is very important in the process of learning.

Children's complex of two beds and stairs with boxes

The design of the bed frees up a large amount of free space in the room. First and foremost, it is because the area that was earlier occupied by a place to sleep is not on the floor but under the ceiling now. Most commonly the beds are combined with a desk, a wardrobe or drawers just for underwear. Furniture of this kind can be equipped as one and at the same time all the options of this kind. Such sets of furniture are extremely comfortable and functional.

Step ladder to the second floor of the module

It often happens that the attic bed with stairs and drawers are completed with all the two floors, each of which represents a place to sleep. Such kind of furniture can be equipped with all the same dresser drawers or even a desk. Often the headset of this kind can be equipped with the additional components. They can represent a variety of shelves and other similar items.

Lightweight construction with a ladder

Stairs for beds-attics

An essential component of bunk beds is ladders. You should use them to get to the sleeping place of the garret type. Therefore, the presence of such a thing for easy use is mandatory. It is conditionally possible to divide the stairs into two categories:

  • foldable;
  • rigidly fixed.

Ladders should not be used in the case that they will use a child. Constructions of this type are less durable, likely to break and fall from a great height.

If the assembly of the staircase of this type is carried out independently, it is desirable to use only very strong components to save yourself from many troubles.

Stationary, rigidly fixed means to rise to height are more appropriate in children’s rooms. The probability of injury while trying to climb into bed on the second floor will be relatively small. You should also consider the inaccuracy of children: rigidly attached to the bed ladder can stay in a working condition much longer. The repair will require a very long time.

Stainless steel crossbeams

There is another popular form of fixed ladders. Its main feature is that it is equipped with drawers for all sorts of things. Thus, it is possible to use the area in the room for maximum benefit: all the space under the stairs is filled with containers in which the clothes and toys are placed.

An ordinary staircase is much more functional and has greater advantages than a foldable one. But the latter also has its positive side. First and foremost, it is stylish and ergonomic – this piece of furniture appears only when it is needed. The rest of the time it is in the folded state, and often invisible.


Loft ladders: features of a design, variety, dignity

It is not difficult today to purchase a special ladder to climb into the attic. There are a lot of accessories for attic stairs in any store. Their cost is relatively low. Furthermore, they are not hard to do yourself. Most products of this type have the following technical parameters:




Other features


AluminumLight weight with sufficient reliability, no corrosion, practical, ideal for household useRelatively high price
DuraluminQuite durable material, reasonable priceLower resistance than of aluminum and steelAn alloy of aluminum
SteelHigh strength, reliability, suitable for professional laddersSusceptibility to corrosion, steel structures have a larger weight than aluminum onesBolt connection or welding are used for the attachment of the treads to the supports of metal structures
WoodEasier to handle than metal, maintainability, you can make a ladder with your handsA great weight of the finished product, exposure to the environmentIn the manufacture of ladders you should draw attention to the absence of knots in the wood, you need lacquer coating for protection from external influences

Another important condition is the roughness of the surfaces of the steps. They should be located parallel to the ground and do not slip. Often it is glued pieces of carpet or something similar. Very often, ladders of this kind are collected at home, without assistance. Accessories can be purchased at any hardware store. Accessories for attic stairs are made in many different styles and shapes. The staircases of this type can be divided into three categories: flip, folding, and sliding ones.

Folding structure in the attic

Flip ladders

Flip ladders are more complex. It requires a large number of different accessories, through which the fastening of treads to the supporting structures occurs. But the most important advantages are stealth and compactness. Most often a flip ladder is simply cleaned in a niche in the wall.

Folding ladders

Folding design is usually shaped like a grasshopper. It is folded twice: first in one direction and then in another. This allows it to take a small amount of free space in the attic. All accessories should reduce the force of friction between the individual parts to a minimum. Otherwise, the folding ladder will make strong squeaks.

Sliding ladders

Sliding design is the least compact. But at the same time, they are the most reliable and easy devices. The ladder of this type is telescopic and is a bit like a fishing rod. Different sections can move to one another and hang on each other. But this staircase takes a large amount of space even when folded; it can be attributed to the very significant deficiencies.

aesthetic folding ladder made of metal

The appropriateness of using

A loft bed and a retractable attic ladder are appropriate to use when there is no free space. In another case, it is better to do with the traditional furniture and other structures, especially if you have children because the fall from a height will result in injuries.

Hardware for attic ladders is quite reliable today. Therefore, if necessary, similar products can be safely operated. But you must be very careful. If you have experience in the use of such ladders or furniture, please leave your comment.