One of the materials which combine beauty and aesthetics with excellent technical characteristics, durability and practicality is marble. Since ancient times, natural stone has been used for the manufacture of interior items, such as stairs. Photos of exquisite, refined and elegant stairs made of granite and marble, which are located in cottages and expensive mansions on our website demonstrate the beauty and benefits of such facilities.

The advantages of items made of natural stone


The design of marble stairs speaks for itself — the owner of the house demonstrates its solidity, high status of himself and his own house. On the owner of an expensive house can afford such a staircase design, because the products made of marble or granite have a fairly high price. However, the price is justified: natural stone has excellent decorative properties and excellent quality parameters. Stairs made of marble are suitable for a private house. Why? They have a large number of benefits.


Before ordering production of a stone ladder design, it is necessary to study carefully all advantages of this material and to make sure that shortcomings are minimal. What are the advantages of marble for the manufacture of stair structures?

* ecological purity and safety of natural stone;

* materials such as marble and granite — a practical choice for the arrangement of your house (look at the photos of past years, and you will notice that marble was used for the arrangement of solid mansions. Marble staircases are resistant to external factors, mechanical damages and shock. The duration of operation of marble structures is calculated in decades.);

* care for facilities is simple and not intricate — they need to be occasionally washed and you should use polishing agents to create shine and masking scratches. This process is incredibly simple, especially with the advent of modern care products that can do all the work for you;

* highest degree of strength and stability;

* aesthetics and variety of products — you can afford to order stairs made of marble in a variety of shades: from white to dark black. Order the product, thinking over stylistics of your own interior, and variety of color scales will allow you to pick up ideal option;

* natural stone will be perfectly combined with other materials — wood, glass and metal. Apply a variety of combinations, and you can create a unique in its beauty item.

marble stairs steps

marble stairs steps


Do stairs have drawbacks?

Like any material, natural stone cannot be completely perfect. One of the negative sides of the stairs made of marble and granite is that it has rather high price. The price is determined by the cost of the most natural stone, the cost of works, as well as the type and scale of the design project. However, in the present case, the high cost is justified. You give money for reliability, high quality and aesthetics.

It is important: nobody doubts the beauty of marble products; however, we must not forget that the use of stone can make the structure too massive and bulky, which will lead to weighting of the atmosphere itself.


If you want to avoid this and make the structure more airy and light, you should combine marble with casting and forging.

emperador dark marble stairs

The use of marble stair structures in the interior

A few years ago, the design of the presented material was not very popular. The reason lies in the cost of the material. Due to it, the products from this material were simply inaccessible to most people. Today the situation has changed: natural stone is not only actively used in the home interior, but in decorating mansions, cottages and country houses. Marble is quite popular for use in public places — for example, in hotels and restaurants. The use of marble allows emphasizing the pretentiousness and elegance of the place.


What stylistic orientation of the interior is best suited for the use of a marble staircase? On the contrary to popular belief, it can be not only a classic interior or an interior in baroque style.

Marble staircase can be supplemented with almost any style of home interior — the main thing is not to forget about the decor of the product. For example, the interior in nouveau style or techno should be better complemented with the construction from glass or acrylic.

After studying the technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the material, you can choose the best staircase for the house. Share your opinions and tips in the comments.