Along with the wooden stairs, metal stairs, marches and metal framework stairs are used in the construction. They are universal and will fir for the apartment buildings, multi-level apartment, office or industrial buildings. Ferrous metals, steel and aluminum are used for the manufacturing of metal framework stairs. Next we will talk about some types of such stairs and how to install the march with your own hands.

Types of frame for the steps

There are two types of frames for the stairs:

  1. open;
  2. rough.

It is easier to work with the rough frames made of channels. They are characterized by more affordable price. To make the metal framework construction on stringers durable and reliable, you must accurately calculate the load. Draft options are intended for the future covering with wood or other material. The advantage of such models is that they can be installed already in the stage of interior decoration. When all the “dirty” work will be finished, you can install the treads and railings on the metal framework.

Open frame is ready for installation. It is suitable for the arrangement of metal stairs without risers. It is important to respect the calculations and be especially careful during welding, as the defects on metal framework can’t be corrected due to the casing. Open marches can walk down two lateral or one central stringers. Latter are also called “ridge stairs”. Their manufacture involve both painting and finish grinding.

What kind of wood is suitable for covering the framework?

To design metal framework for the stairs, you need the calculation, and to perform the covering, – a right choice of wood. Here the key factors are sort and humidity. Oak, ash tree, beech and conifers are mostly used for the installation of metal framework stairs. Oak is very strong and has a wide range of colors. Over time, it gets a bit darker.

Name of materialWater absorption value, %Thermal stability, 0С
Porcelain stoneware0,05300

Ash is as strong as oak. This wood is characterized by pleasant grey shade. Beech is distinguished for its beautiful texture. It can also imitate mahogany. Conifers (particularly pine and spruce) have a relatively affordable price. Given the characteristics of its structure, pine is easy to process.

Exotic woods (such as wenge, merbau and teak) has excellent aesthetic characteristics. In the photo, you can notice their deep and saturated colors.

Optimum humidity of coating is equally important for the long-term operation of metal framework construction. The figure is 12%. Keep in mind that in freshly cut trees, this indication is almost three times higher. Thus, before proceeding with coating the metal framework, you must dry the wood.

Manufacturing the stairs with your own hands

It should be stated that the manufacturing of metal framework with your own hands requires dexterity. It is important to learn the technology, examine the pictures, and only then prepare stringers and step details. Calculation plays a great role. You must skillfully perform the welded seams of the metal framework. Stringers will withstand significant loads. Therefore, they must be durable enough.

It is easier to make a rough framework, as welding inaccuracies can be hidden under the coating of the metal framework. In this, stringers must not lose their reliability. To start working, you should prepare channel with corners (instead of channel, you can use another suitable profile), welding machine, grinder and primer.

Technologically, the manufacture of metal framework stairs consists of two stages. At first, you should install the stringers, or the load-bearing elements of construction. Use channels, which must be joined to each other. Corners are welded to them as a basis for the future steps. When the stringers are ready, you can proceed with coating the metal framework with you own hands.

Installation of casing

After choosing the wood species and casing method, you can start to work. At first, you should prepare the plates for frame finishing, following the calculation. It is necessary to ensure that they don’t crack. All details are assigned an order number.

After that, you can start mounting the wooden plates on stringers and step framework with your own hands. First of all, you should install the treads using the screwdriver, and then mount the risers. To prevent the formation of chips, the lining corners should be rounded. After the installation of step details, you should fix the balusters and handrails. For this purpose, you can use bolts.

If you want that your inter-story stairs look completed, you must sheathe the other parts of metal framework with wood. Cut the plate of the right size for the lateral sides of inter-story stairs; then face the underside of the march. Here, you can replace wood with drywall. At the final stage, the stairs should be varnished.

Comfortable porch stairs

Similar metal framework construction can be installed on the porch.
At first, you should also make calculations. As you can see from one of the options presented in the photo above, two channels serve as a basis of the stringer stairs. The distance between them shall be equal to the width of the porch stairs. After that, you must weld the metal angles for the steps. To do this, take an equal leg angle and, considering the width of weld, cut the blanks equal to the length of tread, height of riser and width of step.

Then weld the blank to the load-bearing element of porch stairs. At first, you should weld the blanks in depth and height of steps to the channels. Later on, they must be interconnected using the elements, cut along the width of march. In this, for the upper part of the future porch steps, the angle must be fixed racks inside, and for the lower – outside. To mount the wooden treads over the metal porch frame, you will need screws (turned on the bottom) and wood glue. After finishing the work with steps, you can set up the metal handrails and visor.

As you can see, metal framework stairs are universal and reliable. With a proper casing or in the form of open construction, they fit perfectly into the interior. You can find many photos with interesting designs of metal porch. Share your ideas on how to design the metal stairs on stringers.