The main task of metal stair railings is to guarantee the safety of every person living in the house with a staircase. Climbing the staircase is often uncomfortable for the children or older people. Therefore, in this case, the structures must be equipped with special devices. Besides, stair railings are one of the main stylistic elements of the structure: they create integrity, and its finishing demonstrates stylistic directions of the entire article. Apart from metal, stair railings can be made of wood (however, they are not so widely popular).

Where are the restrictions on the metal stairs applied?

Wooden railing is a bad solution for external stairwells. Such metals as cast iron and stainless steel are used for the manufacture of external staircases, while iron and aluminum are suitable for building the internal models (largely due to their technical and operational properties). Manufacture of aluminum stair railings allows you to create the elements of the most complex, sophisticated and elegant shape. Other materials are much more difficult to process.

By the way of manufacture, metal stair railings are divided into the prefabricated, welded and forged. Forged railings are a separate type of metal railings, which represent a luxury element that fits perfectly into any style of interior. They can have different types of execution – thin, light, airy, massive and voluminous – for the monumental structure.

The benefit of this material is that regardless of its configuration, the article will be characterized by reliability, long service life and high quality.

Despite the fact that their price sometimes exceeds the value of wooden railings, it is justified by the high quality and perfect appearance.

Welded products are a separate type of metal railings for the stairs. Steel is widely used as a most common material for such article. The shape is given by means of cold bending. Welded railings are attractive for their operational parameters. With the right approach to the processing, they will long please you with their exquisite design.

Welded railings have the longest lifespan (about 50 years). They are durable and don’t require special care or complicated processing.

Requirements for the metal stair railings

To manufacture the metal railings, it is necessary to adhere to a number of requirements

  • minimal height – 90 cm;
  • minimal height of stair railings for the general education establishments and pre-school institutions – 1,20 m;
  • distance between the balusters– 10 cm;
  • metal railings can go beyond the level of the last step by 30 cm, and their edges must be processed and rounded to minimize the risk of injury.

You’ve read about the varieties of products presented and the main requirements applied to them. Share your opinion in the comments and recommend this useful information to the acquaintances and colleagues, who carry out the repair and reconstruction of the country houses, cottages and mansions.