Today, metal constructions are mostly used in designing the indoor stairs. This is particularly linked to the strength of material that allows minimizing the space occupied by this element of interior. Steel permits to bend the marches, reduce the size of inter-march platforms and fit the stairs into any interior. The photos of such stairs in the interior fascinate with their beauty.

Types of metal stairs

Private construction appreciates the advantages of two- and three-story cottages. Of course, such house can’t do without stairs. According to their purpose, they are divided into:

  • inter-level;
  • stairs for the technical rooms (attic or cellar);
  • auxiliary (in the baths or swimming pools).

Stairwells between the floors and rooms, located at different levels, can be march, winding or combined. Steps can be decorated with wood, stone or other floor material that can block the noise of material during walking.

Working metal stairs are the most practical option, as they are durable and reliable. This material is used in the houses for building the folding constructions and transformers. They are not only comfortable, but also almost invisible. In a folded position, such stairs to the basement or attic can be hidden under the hatch.

Metal and cozy atmosphere

Comfort and convenience are the main rules of planning the design of house interior. Beautiful setting is just as important as a sensitive use of space. Many perceive metal as an unattractive and cold material. Therefore, they doubt the choice. However, the photos of design interiors prove that metal stairs can not only harmoniously fit into any interior, but will make it the brightest and the most beautiful element. This is facilitated by three unique qualities: strength, flexibility and universality.


Record strength allows you to create the metal stairs with unusual geometry. Supporting elements don’t seem cumbersome. If necessary, they can be easily hidden under the finishing. Using metal, you can build the bolt stairs (those attached to the house wall).


Stairs turn out fantastic and visually light. Such constructions don’t overburden the interior and provide the necessary security. In the photos, they look like a frozen pattern or lace. Possibility of creating the construction of any form allows you to fit it into any design, optimizing the use of free space. In this, the stairs turn out quite light and allow you to fix it without additional supports or with the ceiling/wall mounts.


Metal has been used in the construction since ancient times. It is easily combined with wood, stone and modern decorative materials. This allows decorating the metal stairs. In the photo, you can see the modern solutions from glass and steel. For the country cottages, you can choose the solutions with natural wood lining. Such casing will not only make the construction cozy and “warm”, but also damp the noise of metal. The steps of metal stairs can be faced with natural or artificial stone. Fans of minimalism can choose simple coloring of metal. Modern paints and varnishes allows you to give the shade of any alloy to steel and imitate different decorative techniques, such as chasing, patching, etc.

Metal stairs and modern design directions

Important: Stairs are one of the most important elements of any premises, which set the general idea of finishing. Choosing its design, you should consider the style of interior.
Speaking of the need for the intercommunication staircase, many house owners perceive the presence of stairs in the house as “necessary evil”. After all, metal staircase that can become the main decoration of the living room or hall. They will beautifully complement the atmosphere and add it special volume and dynamics.

Please don’t think that metal constructions are appropriate only in the style of urban minimalism and related directions.

Winding stairs with forged elements will perfectly complement the romantic modern, always relevant classic and fashionable vintage. And the combination of forging and glass creates fantastic compositions, which will look modern, fragile and very practical. They fit perfectly into such style as high-tech and art deco. However, even though the winding stairs are incredibly elegant and beautiful, they are much less comfortable and can cause difficulties at descent (even if the steps are wide enough). It is not recommended to install them in the houses, where the pre-school children and elderly people reside.

Any metal products can be decorated with wood. This also applies to the steps. They can be decorated with solid wood (including the valuable species). Such stairs turn out less bulky than the wooden ones (and also more durable). In this, they fit perfectly into different folk design directions: country, Japanese, Scandinavian, Provence and classic.

Metal elements look pretty and are compatible with the stone. Even though such facing is easy to mount and experience, the result will be impressive. Such stairs look gorgeous, require little care and are very durable. They will highlight both the traditional finishing in the style, Empire, classicism and the restrained beauty of constructivism and minimalism.

Modern metal stairs will be a perfect decoration of any house. They can have any design and allow you to realize your boldest ideas in the interior decoration. However, beauty is not their only advantage. Metal construction will provide the security and durability. Such stairs don’t require special care and will serve you for decades without the need for repair.

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