Stairs are the main attribute of the multi-level construction. Multistory buildings, mansions and private accommodations can’t do without this important detail. Stairs are the decoration of the premise interior. To provide the safety of movement of adults and children, the area of the stairs must be spacious and not hamper the movement. Steps must have an anti-slip surface coating. Frame material determines the strength and service life of construction.

How to make elegant stairs at home?

Property owners often want to create the decorative and exclusive stairs in their homes. They want to stress or highlight certain details. In this case, designers create a perfect element, design an individual sketch and choose the high-strength materials. In such cases, metal ladders are the best option. They have many benefits and merits based on the properties and quality of the main profile. They are easy to install not only indoors (to move between the floors), but also outdoors. In this case, they save space and highlight the room.
Besides, it is easy to fix the frame on either side of the building. It can be adjacent to the wall or serve as an individual element of design. Winding metal stairs with beautiful patterns on the railings emphasize the owner’s taste.

Types of metal stairs

There are different types of step building. Everything depends on the design of the frame. The stairs with closed frames are considered the cheapest, as they provide the location of visible elements from the top. There are no requirements for the appearance. Most important factors are strength and reliability of the carrying base. The open type looks more subtly. The main point here is stability and decorative design. 2 types of models are presented in the photo, where you can consider them in detail.

There are four types of metal stairs. Each of them is characterized by special style and grace. We recommend you to look at the separate photos:

  1. March – common straight staircase with a standard size of steps, height and width of surfaces.
  2. Winding – metal steps are arranged in a spiral and look more attractive than the previous type.
  3. Running – point of pride and perfection of every house.
  4. Arched – with an arched turn to any convenient side.

How to make a stairs with your own hands?

You can make the metal steps on your own. To do this, you need to follow these stages.

  1. Prepare the location of aperture for the future stairs. Clearly define the parameters, size and types of the planned structure.
  2. Build a frame and firmly secure it.
  3. Mount and fasten the special elements of the stairs.

If you want your metal stairs to save space, look effectively and not hinder the movement, you should place it right. The experienced designer can help you make a calculation (or you can make it by yourself). Knowledge of the main rules of stairs building will significantly save your time:

  1. The step must be 30-60 cm long.
  2. Optimal height of the step must not exceed 20 cm. Ideally, this parameter should reach 17 cm.
  3. The number of steps and the slope angle of the stairs is calculated based on these main parameters.

The parameters of the stairs with a turn to 180 or 90 degrees are calculated with the use of mathematical formulas. In any case, it is important to know the precise parameters:

  • Width of planned march.
  • Radius of location of internal construction.
  • Width of the step plan.
  • Length of the whole landing (you should measure the length from the last step to the highest point).

For more precise calculation, you can use special computer programs. With their help, you can easily make a draft on the graph paper and create a picture of the future building.

Decoration and processing of the metal stairs

The object looks pretty and subtly, if it’s properly designed and decorated. You can apply the paint or coating to any metal options. Color and shade is chosen to fit the element of furniture or wallpaper. In this case, everything blends and looks harmoniously. The photo perfectly captures the style of the passageway.

The stairs profile is also defined by the location and pattern of the handrails. It is important to remember that the indoor stairs must be processed and protected from corrosion with the same means as the outdoor or attic stairs (as metal has a damage factor in any space).
Anticorrosion must be made before painting, as you should let everything dry and fasten. The option of creating the glass or plastic handrails is a more modern solution. Different versions of stairwells are presented in the photo. The choice depends on the owner’s preferences and the projected costs.

Advantages and combination of the frames

Metal has a lot of merits. Therefore, it is widely used in different areas of construction. Why is it profitable to use it in ladder constructions?

  • Low price of qualitative and beautifully decorated building.
  • Security (regardless of the place of installation and mounting options).
  • Unique opportunity to create the stylish elements, highlight and complement the planned interior.
  • You can choose different options of handrails. The combinations of all details will look amazing and draw the attention of your guests.

Many companies create the high-quality and beautiful steps. When choosing, it is important to find a good specialist who will do their job correctly at all stages. Careful attitude to the object is essential to make the stairs serve longer.

If you have already used the service “installation of stairs”, share your experience with our readers. Was this article useful? Have you learned anything new? Let’s discuss the metal ladders, and the photos from our collection will help you visualize different models of these amazing creations.