It is a very difficult task to equip a small house with furniture and other things. Many people prefer to purchase compact and versatile models in order to deal with it. One option is Ironing Board stepladder. It combines the function of two important household items, and occupies a minimum of space when folded.


Features of Ironing Board-transformer

Ironing Board-transformer is covered with a convenient carrying case made of cotton fabric, which ensures smooth sliding of the iron and prevents the formation of wrinkles on the clothes during ironing. This protection prolongs the life of the product. It is provided with a special shelf for an iron, which is suitable for the steam generator.

The sophisticated design of board and iron stand do not prevent the use of the product in the form of a ladder. It has three steps. The maximum weight for most models of step ladders – 150 kg. Steps have anti-slip coating; there are rubber tips for stability of the legs. Thanks to these measures, Ironing Board step ladder is easy and safe to use, and the availability of cover for Ironing gives the structure stability.

The device has a low weight, so it is convenient to carry.


Fiberglass ladder: criteria of selection

fiberglass ladder ratingsFiberglass is used for the production of dielectric electrically insulating ladders. This fixture is indispensable to electricians, but you will also use it in everyday life. In particular, fiberglass constructions are in need when you have problems with wiring, installing and repairing appliances, high-altitude work at the country house.

Now there are many brands producing dielectric ladder. The fiberglass model can be equipped with different options. Products differ in size and functionality. They may have a different number of levels, some of them are equipped with wheels.

You should consider the following aspects in order to choose a suitable option:

  • non-slip surface of the steps;
  • sufficient width of the crossbars;
  • the stability of the structure regardless of the step where the worker is standing;
  • build quality;
  • rubber glides on the legs of the stepladder;
  • no sharp parts.

If you want the fiberglass model to satisfy all the queries, you should determine the purpose of its acquisition. If you plan to move the device frequently, it is necessary to pay attention to the mobility of the product. An additional advantage is that fiberglass construction, arranged with an area for tools. This convenient shelf will eliminate the need to descend the steps.


Ladder: fiberglass or another material?

fiberglass ladders at lowesDielectric stairs and ladders are mainly designed to prevent work-related injuries. Fiberglass construction is different by high durability and long service life. Such designs are not subject to corrosion.

Aluminium ladders are also very popular. They combine strength and light weight. There are ladders made of duralumin – an alloy of aluminium with copper and magnesium. Alternatively it may be considered a wooden or plastic model. When buying products made of these materials, it is important to find strength.

Wooden ladder has a much greater weight. A simple model can be performed independently. It is important that the material has been well polished and varnished. On the market are products with a metal frame and wooden slats.


Other variants of the ladders

Those who are interested in the idea of acquiring a small ladder, will like its original performance in the form of stool. There are many solutions to this design. Thanks to this compact piece of furniture in the interior, it won’t be difficult to get something from the top shelves or mezzanines. And it is very convenient to repair such a ladder. Ironing Board-step ladder is compact and versatile object in the interior.

Another useful model – children’s ladder. It looks good in the interior of the room of the kid and important for the formation of skills of climbing. This small children’s design is made with enough wide steps. Since it is collapsible, it is easy to put to another place, thus freeing up space in the room. Children’s ladder is preferably made of wood, and when a child grows up, it can be used as a shelf for CDs or Souvenirs.

fiberglass ladder lowes

Compact design for use in the home

Not each type of work requires a high fiberglass installation. A mini stepladder will be enough for small repairs or cleaning. It is much easier to use than a normal chair. Equipped with this setup in two steps, its height does not usually exceed one meter. Due to the presence of a rubber thrust bearing, it is stable in the unfolded state.

Despite its size, this compact design can withstand weight up to 150 kg. It is equipped with arc of safety, which reduces the likelihood of falling. The surface of the stage is lining to prevent slipping.

fiberglass ladders

fiberglass ladders

Recommendations for maintenance of ladders

Proper care of the step-ladder for the house (made of fiberglass, metal or children’s model) — will extend its operational life. This includes the following:

  1. storage in a dry place;
  2. storage in the place protected from sharp fluctuations in temperature;
  3. regular inspection of the strength of the connections.


The market is full of different configurations of steps. They include options for use in the home and professional models, such as fiberglass or aluminum ladders. Regardless of the material, it is important to pay attention to the stability of the structure and quality of connections. Write comments about your own recommendations for the selection of step ladders for the home.