Railings provide safe movement on the stairs and successfully perform the decorative function. They can embellish even the simplest device, giving individual traits to the staircase. Forged handrails stand out among the other, as their sketches help to imagine how the whole structure will fit into the building and look in general. Forged handrails and railings take special place in the design of any architectural image. Moreover, they are particularly important for the stairs. Besides, the price of these elements is quite affordable. You can see their photos in our article.

Forged design of the stairs

Forged railings can be combined with almost all materials, used for manufacturing the stairs, for example:

  • natural stone, including granite or marble;
  • wood;
  • concrete, faced with tile;
  • glass;
  • steel.

Specialized companies are developing the sketches and manufacturing various products, including forged handrails. Their sketches must be agreed with the client in advance. Today, art forging has considerable demand. This technology is used in the following design styles:

  • Renaissance, where the fancy floral patterns (leaves, flowers, garlands and wreaths) are predominant. They create the complete composition (pictured above);
  • minimalism, which underlines the attractiveness of steel (especially the dark one);
  • postmodern that combines different options of main styles;
  • baroque, or rococo with exquisite asymmetric lines and complicated network, which can be executed only by the most talented specialists;
  • modern, which is shrouded in secrets and reminds of the art creations.

The price of every style is available.

How to make the forged railings?

Artistic stair railings, made of metal, are quite reliable, strong and, of course, durable. However, forged railings are considered the most sophisticated. Art sketches of the personalized patterns can be developed in any workshop, specialized in the manufacture of such products. In this, their prices are quite attractive.

Forged railings can be made by two methods: hot and cold bending.
In hot bending (picture above), the products are heated in the furnace, after which they are shaped with special tools. As a result, the railings become elegant and original. In this case, metal is usually used as a feedstock.

In cold bending (pictured below), steel is processed by bending machines or even manually. Due to the angle grinder, it is possible to make different patterns on metals, while using welding, you can integrate the elements into a single system. The price of these railings is low, and they look a little rough.

Forged products can be made:

  • manually;
  • with hammers;
  • by stamping.

Each method has its own fans and opponents, but thanks to all of them, you can build the unique forged railings for the staircase.
Technology, with which the staircase structures are decorated with forged railings (pictured below), includes the following stages:

  • giving the art products the configuration agreed with the client in advance (according to the sketches);
  • fastening the elements to the railing frame;
  • application of anti-corrosion coloring agents to the finished structure.

Specialists recommend using the acrylic paint. But before applying it, you should remove even small traces of rust. This helps to extend the operating time of the forged elements (especially the outdoor models). Their price is not so high.

Finished elements might be somewhat different from the pictures presented in the sketches of the railings. This is due to the general process of metal plating.

Advantages of stainless steel railings

The owners of cottages often use forged railings to decorate the stairs (both inside and outside the building). Art forged products have always been valuable, and today they continue to be extremely popular. Moreover, their price is quite attractive.

Their main advantages are:

  • uniqueness — no two products will be 100% alike;
  • strength and durability– it would take a lot of efforts to break the railings;
  • sophistication and elegance;
  • small width— they almost don’t take space (even on the narrow stairs).

Beautiful forged stair railings (which is confirmed by the photo from this article) can change the interior or exterior of the building and emphasize the status and excellent taste of the owner. Stairs with forged elements blend in almost any style. Openwork creates a sense of airiness, although in some cases, it makes the staircase look massive.

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