A ladder for commercial and domestic use performs many functions in the house. The material, height and design steps determine the value and life of the inventory.



What is the working height?

An important parameter when choosing equipment is the maximum working height. If the first characteristic is always stated in the product description, the second one is a bit more complicated. Some manufacturers (especially foreign ones) sometimes forget to specify accurate data.

Important: three-section ladder is the highest; some of them have a height of over 10 meters in an unfolded position, which is more than enough for all types of repair, installation and utility work.

The ratio of human growth and height of the working platform are called the working height. The maximum height is the height the shoulders + the size of the stairs.
The majority of European manufacturers of professional and domestic equipment calculates the working height by adding 120 cm (the average growth rate up to the shoulders) to the height of the level of the last stage.

Standard size ladders, regardless of assignment – 6 meters, transformer – 5 meters.

How much do a standard ladder cost?

The price of the equipment depends on the following parameters:

  1. The popularity of the brand. The most expensive ladders are made in Germany, Italy and America production. The cheapest ladders are from Turkey, China and Russia.
  2. Material. Metal, wood and combined models can be the same; you should select a ladder according to its purpose (the wood does not pass electric current, an aluminum ladder is very light, combined ladder is the most functional).
  3. The price of a stepladder depends on the design – not standard options are more expensive than regular ones, options (large size, number of sections, wide steps) will increase the price of the products by 30-50%.

Perfect ladder for standard city apartment involves the ability to get an elbow to the ceiling with the height of the penultimate stage; 2-3 meters are enough for daily business.


Types and functions of stairs

The height of the structure is composed of several parameters – the number of sections (for folding ladders) and steps, the distance between the rails. The length can be calculated in the folded and unfolded form.
Types of stairs with a maximum height of 6 meters:

  • The ladder with the letter “A”. Designs are in the form plain sided work surface with additional section. They include 3 components to the stepping distance of 20-30 cm
  • The ladder. Both sides are set in a straight line, the position is fixed by locking mechanisms.
  • Warehouse ladders. They can be single or double – sided, normal variants are different by the presence of wheels and a special handle.
  • Mounting and dielectric. Specialized models have advanced functionality. Here, the height of 6 meters is not the peak; it can be carried out at the level of 12 meters in the unfolded state.

When selecting a ladder for the house you should pay attention to models that are very functional, but it’s fairly compact in the assembled state.

professional step ladder parts

professional step ladder parts

Materials and accessories

The optimum material is aluminium for the constructions with a working height of 6 meters. Ladders can withstand a decent load (about 150 kg), but remain fairly mobile. Wood and steel with such dimensions are difficult to move. You can expand the functionality of the equipment by using various support elements such as:

  • Rubber grips. The self-adhesive surface is suitable for coating stairs or fittings. They significantly reduce the risk of slip and give dielectric properties to the supports.
  • Additional sections. You can increase the working high-rise by fastening several steps.
  • Safety support. Usually it does not come as a standard, but can be purchased separately. Support increases resistance, causing stagger.

Components can significantly drive up the price of products. Most of them can be easily done with your own hands or bought separately.

3 section step ladder technique

3 section step ladder technique

Buy or rent?

It is hardly possible to answer this question unequivocally not only immediately, but even after in-depth consideration. The decision depends on many factors such as:

  1. The regularity of operation. Frequent use of 6-12 meter structures in the usual city apartment seems unlikely. The purchase of ladders with large working height is an urgent necessity for owners of country houses and cottages.
  2. The terms and conditions of the lease. Most companies make up prices for the rental of equipment, depending on its total value. Not taking into account the deposit, which sometimes reaches up to 100% of the price, each day of use will cost another 2% to 15%. The inventory from well-known construction brands may be costly, besides there is always the risk of damage to the ladder during use.
  3. The type of construction. The harder and higher the ladder is the less likely that it will be used constantly. Often it is reasonable to rent specialized equipment, and use practical, but economical models for household needs.


Selection of optimal design

3 section step ladder pictures

3 section step ladder pictures

Ladder for domestic use must be safe and sustainable, and not have a maximum height; regular ladders (2-4 meters) or a two-piece design will do for you.

A ladder with two sections is easily converted into a ladder that can be used for outdoor or low rise works or as an external lift to the attic.
Three-section models have additional element; ladders with extended functionality (stepladder, side-ladder and two-piece ladder) will cost a bit more than a standard one.
Aluminum 4-section ladder can turn into a convenient platform for work and have all of the above functions. Ladders with such a design are considered professional equipment, which is reflected in its cost.
Sometimes size does matter – when it comes to the working height of the stepladder. Your feedback and comments about the process of selection of professional and household equipment will help other users to make a decision on buying and make the article more complete and informative.