Bolt ladders have recently appeared in the modern design. The draft of bolt elements was developed in Germany. The light version of frames visually unloads the space and allows using it more rationally. The bolt ladder, whose structure is considered more ergonomic, fits perfectly into the hi-tech style. Today, loft and modern minimalism are inconceivable without such details.

Deceiving fragility of bolt constructions

This beautiful hanging staircase doesn’t burden the space

This beautiful hanging staircase doesn’t burden the space

The structure was named after its main fastening elements – bolts (“bolz” in German), the effect of “hanging” steps is created due to the absence of traditional wall strings. Heaviness and complexity of the standard frames reduce the opportunity of space organization in the premises, and the bolt ladder gives maximum space, air, and light to the premises.

Bolt ladders, whose price depend on the type of materials, number of elements and peculiarities of mounting look deceptively delicate and neat. Meanwhile, their loading capacity is higher than that of the others. The manufacturers insist on the numbers of 1800-2500 kg, which allows you to install such elements not only in the apartments but also in the offices, restaurants and other public institutions. Making and mounting the tapestry on your own is a little harder, as it requires special instruments and equipment.

Among the materials for constructions, you should pay attention to the glass and agglomerate for the steps. The artificial polished stone of the steps, floating around in space, makes your interior both modern and practical.

Bolt frames are made and mounted after the accurate measures of the premises and creating the 3D-model. Bolt ladders (the picture of sketch comes with a design project) consider both static and dynamic type of load, typical for the dwelling. Drawings and templates for the steps are created considering the furniture and stylistics; bolts for the ladder also harmoniously complement the general composition.

Characteristics of bolt ladders

The main decorative and functional element–steps – can become an additional means of space organization (texture, transparency and material). It is almost impossible to make the ladders on your own without any specialized equipment, but there are many ready-made variants.

Vintage, modern or hi-tech models provide opportunities for the individual planning and organization of the living space considering your personal aesthetic passions.

Beautiful, durable and universal steps are made of hard wood (mahogany, oak). Decoration and finishing of the details helps you to make every element unique.

You can either emphasize or hide the main architectural features and nuances of the premises using the bolts. The picture of the installation place with different types of lighting allows you to draw up the good design project, considering all the nuances of planning and zoning of space. You can design and make a ladder on your own, using the ready-made drawings and templates.

Types and components of the bolt ladders

The main feature of the bolt ladder is an absence of clearly expressed fastening system. In contrast to its numerous analogs, this structure can take on almost any shape (even the most sophisticated one).
Apart from their main functions, the ladder components also serve as decorations. The bolt ladder includes:

1. bolts (whose price depends on the performance and type) — rods, whose size can be regulated to fix the canvas;

2. anchorages — fastenings for the bulging parts (metal, wooden or plastic);

3. flanges — fastenings for the framework (in the form of discs or rings with holes for the bolts).

Fasteners of wooden flights are chosen to match the color and texture of the wood

Fasteners of wooden flights are chosen to match the color and texture of the wood

The final completion of the ladder on the bolts completely depends on the customer’s wishes. There is only one general law for the structure of this type — on the one side; the steps are always fixed on the bolts, which can be done with your own hands. On the other part, they can be attached to the fence or the wall string. Besides, it is possible to arrange the combined variant, where the beginning and the end of the ladder can be attached differently.

The very existence of these structures breaks all the existing rules of mounting — they don’t even require the bearing pad. The steps can not only be suspended to the roof beams (by means of tension bars), but also be installed on the rod bearers.

Step-by-step installation

Making bold ladder with your own hands is not an impossible mission. To avoid any possible inconveniences, you just have to choose the right place of installation and make a few photos of the room. At that, the allocated area must be at least 1.5 m², and the angle– more than 45º, to make sure the ascent is not too steep.

Overall plan of installation:
• Firstly, you should fix the bolts for the ladders as the main element of construction, which will support the whole framework. For that, you should drill the hole of the appropriate size in the wall.

• One edge of the canvas is attached to the wall (in case of wall mounting), and the other is regulated with the pins.

• Then you should install the first step, responsible for the sustainability of the whole framework. The next canvases are attached in turn.

• Mount the decorative elements; if you do it with your own hands, make sure not to damage the integrity of surfaces and decorations.

• Proceed to the coating (lacquer, joints that prevent slipping or damaging the steps) or grinding with your own hands.

Benefits of bolt ladders

The nuances caused by structure, materials or style, automatically make the bolt ladders the best among the other types of functional constructions.

Among the unique advantages of the bolt ladders, the experts particularly stress the next ones:
1. Absolute exclusivity of every construction, resulting from the peculiarities of space and the elements of the interior.

2. Bolt ladders – ergonomics and ease, thanks to which the room looks light and airy.

3. Absence of creaks and noise while walking. Almost complete noiselessness is that the bolt ladder doesn’t have joints “wood-wood.”

4. Strength of the design and high carrying capacity of the steps.

5. Easy care. The bolt ladders don’t have a place to accumulate particles of dust and dirt, in contrast to the other staircases in the house.

6. Serviceability allows you to replace every detail (step or furniture) in a few hours without dismantling the whole structure.

No two bolt ladders are the same. If this article helped you to develop a unique construction or make the ladder with your own hands, give us the detail feedback that will complete the material and make the information more useful. Our thematic video can help you as well.