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Extension ladder – three-in-one

We regularly need a ladder for different activities. Working in the attic, in the loft or on the roof, gathering the harvest from the trees in the garden, washing the windows on the second or third floor of your country house, in professional activities – we always need them. Sometimes it is enough to apply the step ladder, but the three-section ladders 6-10 m long are the most comfortable to use. The price of such construction can be quite low, and ever gardener can afford it. Choosing among all the possible variants, the best one is the aluminum extension ladder.

Types of stairs

As aluminum is considered one of the easiest metals, the ladder is also very light. It can be quickly moved from one place to another. And when it’s no longer necessary, you can fold it and put in somewhere in the barn, attic or under the shelter until the next time. Despite the fact that when unfolded such structure is 6-10 m long, in the assembled form it is very compact and takes a little space, so it’s very comfortable to keep it in any back room. Aluminum three-section ladder is a universal device that can, where necessary, serve as an extension ladder, sliding structure or a stepladder. Its length can be from 4 to 10 m (depending on the type of transformation).
Aluminum, used as a material for the manufacture, gives the structure its increased durability and small weight, which allows moving it from one place to another, at a reasonable product price.

Not so long ago, only wood products in the garden, in the country house and at home. But now the choice has become much more fruitful. Wood is gradually losing its ground. Now metal is most commonly used for building (usually aluminum due to its light weight). The ladders are often made of fiberglass. The dielectric material that doesn’t conduct electricity is indispensable in the electrical work.

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The main types of ladder structures:

• Extensible ladder – the simplest and the most famous models, actively used at home, in the garden and for working indoors. The main disadvantage of this ladder is that its sustainability is not always guaranteed; the necessity of pushing against the wall or the other additional support. Their price is low, but their scope of application is limited.
• Derrick ladders. Constructively, these devices are more complicated. However, they’re not mobile. These ladders are used for the industrial high-rise works.
• Three-section ladders and the most common and the most popular type. This is one of the most functional models at a reasonable price. The length of such a ladder can be 10 m or more.
• Hinged ladders have several sections, connected.
• Wooden ladders are the stationary metal structures, intended for the high-rise works.
• Stepladders.
According to their purpose, all the ladders are divided into domestic and professional. Local models can be either small or 10-meter long. The estimated load is 120-150 kg. Mostly, these are extensible, sliding models and stepladders. Their price is usually low. The professional ladders are much longer and can carry loads of more than 150 kg.

Benefits of three-section structures

Aluminum three-section ladder is a universal device that can, where necessary, serve as an extension ladder, sliding structure or a stepladder. Its length can be from 4 to 10 m (depending on the type of transformation). Its length can be from 4 to 10 m (depending on the kind of transformation). Aluminum, used as a material for the manufacture, gives the structure its increased durability and small weight, which allows moving it from one place to another, at a reasonable product price.
The main advantage of the three-section ladder is the possibility of its transformation from the simple low side structure into the professional equipment for the high-rise works– from 10 meters. It is effortless to change the form, and you can do it on your own.

While in a knock-down condition such ladders represent the cumbersome structure 6-10 m long, when assembled they’re very compact. It allows keeping them in the simple farm buildings, in the attics and storerooms.

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The structure consists of two side aluminum profiles in every section, riffled steps with anti-slip properties, a side fastening and safe locks for working rolling stocks, base platform for easy high-rise work during a long time, seat belt and cross-arms with the anti-slip supports.

Three-section ladders are the universal device that can be transformed into three structures, which are the most popular and most commonly used for work. They are light, compact (when assembled) and are 10-12 m long when dismantled. The ladders are available on sale and have a reasonable price. This is the most popular type of ladders, which allows using them both at home and in professional activity.

Three-section structures are also comfortable as (due to the possibility of transformation) buying only one ladder, you get 3 for the price of 1. Moreover, this device takes much less space than three different ladders. The lightweight of construction, along with the strength and durability makes the three-section ladder a universal tool for working at any altitude– from replacing the bulb in the room to working on the roof of the two-three story building.

Additional devices

In the mode of a stepladder, the three-section ladder has special safety belts that provide extra stability, prevent overturning or “spreading.” There are two belts. They’re attached to the side section profiles (when unfolding) and fix the supports at a certain distance from each other, which provides a broader base horizontally to the earth or floor, and at the same time– the comfortable rotation angle for lifting. The belts represent the bands of durable material that can carry the load of up to 150 kg, which allows people of any complexion to use this device (even wearing the uniform with the set of heavy tools).

The sections can be moved against each other with a step, equal to the distance between the steps with fixing on any step. This gives the ladder the necessary height. In the mode of a stepladder, you can raise the extensible section two-three extra steps to provide support for the working person. He/she will stand two-three steps lower while using the top edge of the extensible section for support and sustainability. You don’t have to push the section to 6-10 m (to the end). You can put the section forward to the length you need for the comfortable work.

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The steps of the three-section ladder

Every section must have 6-12 steps of standard height and size, established by the technical regulations. The surface of the steps has a grooved surface that prevents slipping and adds sustainability for the person. When dismantling the ladder, the steps move on the hinged fastenings and take a position parallel to the frames. And while you are assembling the ladder, the steps move again and take a horizontal position towards the foundation. The steps are made of the same material as the whole device.


In principle, safety requirements are the same as in any high-rise work. It is not recommended to establish the ladder on the soft ground, as in this way one of the supports can sag, and the structure will lose its sustainability.

In the transformation position, “stepladder” can’t be used simultaneously by two people standing on the different section. Even though the total weight of two people can be less than the maximum permissible load, simultaneous operation on both sides can cause the swinging of the ladder and the loss of sustainability. The only case when the presence of another person on the ladder is permitted is when he/she has to safeguard and support the worker. However, only one person can work on the ladder.

When you buy the ladder for working in the garden, to renovate or build the house, or even for your city apartment, consider the three-section devices as the most universal, functional, lightweight and low-cost. Regardless of the nature and goals of its use, the 6-meter ladder will be able to meet all of your needs. Safety and durability are the characteristic features of all aluminum products.


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