The carrying out of any construction or repair work in the house is impossible without the use of frame ladders, as it is often necessary to do some work at heights up to 15 meters. How should the articulated ladder for domestic and professional use look like according to the SNiP and GO?

Practical tips for choosing swivel frame ladders

What should you keep in mind when buying a swivel ladder?

  1. When choosing a hinged staircase for the house, pay close attention to the strength of all the connected components. Check also the durability of the fixing rivets. An important criterion of choice of the stairs is the presence of steps with ribbed surface.
  2. Position the ladder in its original position. During the visual inspection, the articulating ladder will take the correct triangular form, which means that the design has been assembled correctly.
  3. Install the ladder on the most level surface. You must make sure that the very base of the stairs tight to the surface and there are no light gaps.
  4. Pay attention to the material of the base of the stairs. It should not scratch the surface. Also, the ladder should not slide on the surface in the working position.

What is the difference between residential and commercial articulated ladders?

The stairs used in the home, and structures for industrial uses are very different in the following features:

  • Permissible load on one rung of the ladder. The higher the maximum load capacity of the ladder is, the closer it is to the category of professional equipment.
  • A set of standard functions. Depending on the model of 4×4, the articulated ladders can be used as bilateral ladders and extendable ladders. Also, it is possible to use hinged ladders as a work surface. There are hinged telescopic ladders, which are highly attractive from the point of view of individual design features. Some models are equipped with a particular set of items to secure on the heights and in different positions in which people can work. These household ladders are widely used in building, and various finishing works.

Due to its versatility, the ladders for domestic use are in no way inferior to professional articulated ladders.


The height at which it is possible to carry out work

Swivel cantilever ladder allows carrying out different work at height up to 3 meters. Professional stairs of such discharge are endowed with a higher working area up to 15 meters. However, they have a much more stable base than conventional ladders. Professional equipment has a multi-section design. Each one features a highly durable up to 10 steps. Ladder sections are removed sequentially. Pins and special locking elements are mounted in those parts of the structure, where the sections are connected. 4×4 folding stairs can be folding. In this case, the sections can be mounted in a different sequence. You can find telescopic and multi-section ladders in the submitted photos that are posted on our website.

Normal wear and professional ladders

Patterned stairs, involved in a professional construction or assembly work, are applied every day. They are subjected to maximum operational loads, as during the whole working day there are numerous works on installation and assembly of equipment. For this reason, professional structures have increased requirements. You must consider the life of the product and the quality of the materials of the ladder.
Household ladders are not experiencing such a huge load. They are not used in daily work and not laid and stacked continuously. For this reason, the production of household stairs does not require the use of expensive materials. The stairs from cheaper materials are not unreliable or of low quality. In the end, this factor depends on the price of the product.


Modernization of the stairs

The articulated ladder you can improve with the help of additional special elements. Your suspended staircase may be upgraded with:

  • Extension racks. They are vital when working on an uneven surface; it can be either the front of the house or a flight of stairs. You can fix the extender racks with the help of screw connections situated in the racks.
  • Auxiliary support. They maximize the area of support legs. They can be fixed in a way mentioned above or with two staples.
  • Additional elements of the legs. The ease of movement of the ladder is affected through rollers. You can attach them to the base of the structure by screws and nuts. There are also balancing elements with rubber pads. These elements are connected to the base of the ladder by hinges. So the ladder can have a very stable position on uneven surfaces.

Mounts to cargo

Fasteners can be installed directly on the stairs or on the spot, where racks and steps are mounted. Due to these elements, they secure the building materials and tools near the site where the work will be focused on. All fasteners are made of hardened steel.
Currently, the articulated ladder has a lot of advantages over other designs. They are incredibly mobile, allowing them to be used in a variety of places. If you need to transport the ladder at a very far distance, you don’t have to be afraid that the price of transportation is high. This is not so, because the stairs are assembled does not take up much space. The advantage of these ladders is their low price. You will become the owner of multifunction things at a price slightly above a conventional step-ladder for the house.

It is critical to be able to choose the right ladder where the price and the quality are equal. Your feedback about the features of a choice of articulated ladders, as well as the comments to the article, will help many people to make the right choice of stairs for home.