Construction of semicircular steps for the porch with your own requires the calculation of depth, length and height of steps. The choice of material for their facing affects the comfort of movement on the porch. However, smooth lines of the porch look so attractive and harmonious! At the end of article, you can find a video on this topic (see for yourself).


The process of construction of semicircular steps for the porch involves the arrangement of foundation:

  • Clear the room for the foundation.
  • Dig the 20-cm pit. Fill the pit with rubble until the mid-level.
  • Fill the remaining space with cement mortar.
  • Build the formwork for the round steps of the porch, where the width of board is at least 2 cm.

You can see the process in the photo. Types of facing of the concrete stairs: stone, pebble, wood, brick, marble and ceramic tile (the latter is the most popular option).


Calculation of the hand-made porch for the steps includes defining the height corresponding to the cap of the foundation (distance from the threshold to the ground). You must deduct 3 cm from the upper level. This is due to the swelling of the door in conditions of high humidity (especially the wooden one). After that, you should set an inclination angle of the porch.

The angle of the individual building must not exceed 45-50 degrees. Round steps with an inclination angle of 22-37 degrees will be a comfortable option.


Optimal size: 300 mm deep and 170 mm high (min=100). Width — 700 mm. The lowest number of treads is two.

How to calculate the data?

Let’s assume the height of the steps is 50 cm, the inclination angle is 30 degrees, and a size of stringer С=В/sinВ=50/sin30=50/0.5=100 cm. Three-step porch suggests the length of stringer = 33 cm. 

Materials and equipment

In considering how to build semicircular steps for the porch with your own hands, you should stock up on the important parts of the process:

  • facing material;
  • rubble or gravel;
  • concrete mixture 1 х 4;
  • 20 centimeter-wide board;
  • 10 centimeter-wide wooden beam.

Instruments: spade, pick, chisel, hammer, level and means for performing the measurement.

Tile for the stairs and its features

Facing the semicircular stairs with ceramic tile will be more successful if you pre-define the materials you need to buy. Due to the constant pressure on the product, effect of aggressive environments, ultraviolet and unstable temperature conditions, you should choose the facing material considering practicality and safety.

You shouldn’t forget about safety. It is forbidden to use glossy coating with sliding effect. It will be reasonable to buy the matt decorated products or clinker tile for the steps. The latter option includes clay and sealing ingredients that contribute to high resistance and durability.

How to lay the tile for the steps with your own hands: simple recommendations

There is a video on the topic “how to build semicircular steps” at the end of article. Below you can find the instructions for the installation of porch with your own hands:

After constructing the formwork, fill it with concrete by the level of facing. Tiling takes place after drying the solution. Using the construction level, you can define the evenness of step surface (horizontally and vertically). If you’re going to face the round steps of the wooden stairs, it is important to use cushioning partition, fixed to all elements of the structure. Leakage resistance works are made afterwards.

Then you should measure the whole surface of the porch, make a precise calculation and go to the shop. Semicircular tile steps suggest the purchase of related building materials: decorative tile, dry building mixture, instruments for laying the tile (spatula, trowel), glue, etc.

Laying of ceramic tile in a semi-circle is made “top-down”. After the installation, it is forbidden to step on the structure within 24-48 hours.

4 ways of cutting the tile

At the beginning of a process, the question will arise: how to cut the tile in a semi-circle?

There are several ways of cutting the tile for the round porch.

  • Tile cutter is the most popular way (pictured below and on the right).
  • You can cut the tiles with your own hands using bolt cutters. However, this method not always allows you to set the precise form, and the chips are possible. With this treatment, the edges of article should be aligned by grinding.
  • Circular drill is also suitable for cutting the artificial marble. However, it is mainly used for metal.
  • You can cute the tiles into shapes with an angle grinder. It forms irregularities, which makes the work more labor-intensive. However, it is easier to use than electric tile cutters.

How to cut the tile without tile cutter?

Before getting to work, you must soak the tiles for an hour. It will increase their adhesion to the wall.

Experts usually recommend using glass cutter. However, to cut the ceramic products or pottery, you can use hand-made cutter with carbide tip, metal tempered scriber or a simple nail. Make a few movements with a metal element to form a groove. After that, you should crack the tile. Such cutting is very time-consuming and is suitable for minor repair and in the absence of professional instrument.

Creation of semicircular stairs

Brief recommendation on how to lay the tile in a semi-circle:

  1. Remove the cracks, hollows and irregularities with the use of dense mortar or primer.
  2. Apply the facing material to the wooden coating of the porch. Before that, it is important to smear the glue with toothed trowel.
  3. Experienced masters prefer gluing the tile on the gasket.
  4. Isolate the seams and joints from moisture and dirt.

You should apply a small amount of building mixture at a time, as it dries quickly.

Tiling the stairs

Facing the round steps of the porch shown in the photo was made by applying the adhesive on the surface. The excesses were removed with spatula. Clay tile was applied on top.

Following factors contributed to the success of creation of semicircular steps shown in the photo:

  1. High-quality and perfectly smooth basis.
  2. Right consistency of adhesive solution, which makes it possible to create thin and uniform layer.
  3. Use of separators (crosses).
  4. Checking the products for size compliance and absence of defects.
  5. Cutting made with special device.

In 24 hours after the laying, you should cover the joints of ceramic panels with the grout of a suitable shade.

Interesting ideas

Using a little imagination, you can build the ends of hand-made steps in the same style, and the treads- in the other. In the right photo, you can see the design tile with shabby surface, which is very fashionable now.

Looking at the photo, it becomes clear that semicircular shape of the porch is a comfortable and beautiful structure, which can be a great addition to the verandas, terraces and front steps.