Products made of natural materials such as stair design, or porch, need extra protection. It is required to extend the life of wooden products, improve the properties of resistance to external influences, damage, negative impact of temperature changes and humidity, as well as wear. This task is perfectly solved with the help of varnish, paint, or specialized impregnation for wood species. What should you use and how should you paint a wooden staircase to improve its technical, operational and aesthetic characteristics?

Selection of coatings for wooden staircase constructions

If you want to paint a wooden staircase or porch with your own hands, you can always use:

  1. Enamel or paint for wooden stairs, which will help to give the product the desired shade.
  2. Tinted varnish, stain or impregnation, which does not change the color scheme of the stairs or porch, but will be able to emphasize the exquisite structure of natural wood.
  3. Colorless varnish, which will increase the life of the object and make the surface more attractive from an aesthetic point of view.

Coverings for the porch and stairs can be combined to achieve a better result. At first, you should use paint or tinted varnish, and apply clear nail polish to strengthen the result.

Features of coatings for wood products

If you want to paint the product with your own hands, it is important to choose a quality dye.

  • the basis of paints for wooden ladders and a porch can be oil or alkyd. A good choice will be the paint, which has a natural drying oil in the composition. They are more durable and resistant to external influences. When making a choice, it is important to take into account characteristics such as temperature and humidity in the premises – enamel must meet the conditions in which it will be used. You should give preference to matte enamels to reduce the risk of slipping;
  • the peculiarity of the washings is that there are pigments in their composition, penetrating deep into the structure of the wood of the staircase or porch and giving them a necessary tone. The second property which impregnation gives to a product is creation on its surface of a protective layer, it will give glossy shine. When choosing, you should consider the conditions in which the object will be applied;
  • if you want to protect street stairs or porch from moisture, you should be sure to use a clear varnish as a final coating.

If you want to paint the object of wood with your hands, choose a matte varnish – it will mask the defects on the surface and give it shine.

If you have picked up spray or paint for wooden stairs, you can proceed to the immediate coloration of the product.

Correct technology of painting stair structures

Before proceeding to any action, you need to learn how to paint a wooden staircase. This issue is very important and requires careful study and preparation. The quality and durability of the finish will depend on the correctness of its application. Once you have picked up the coloring agent and tools that seem most suitable and comfortable to use, you can start painting.

The procedure of this technology includes several mandatory steps:

  1. Preparation of the wood surface for finishing works. You need to eliminate all the defects: you should putty the holes and sand the imperfections — knots, cavities and scratches. After that, apply a coat of primer. Then, you should wait for a few days before it dries completely and repeat it if necessary. It is better to primer the stairs in a disassembled state; however, if this is not possible, you should perform the finish of the structure in the finished form.
  2. Coloring stair design using selected coating. A good technique is to paint the product step after a step — it is suitable for ready-made structures in case you want to continue to use them. It is recommended to start painting small parts of the product, gradually moving to large ones. You should apply coloring agent along with the wood fibers.
  3. The final lacquer coating. The varnish covering is made after complete drying of paint, enamel or impregnation. The coating is applied in three layers. Each layer must be dry and sanded to eliminate possible defects or small bubbles.

Competent choice of materials, tools and high-quality execution of all actions on preparation and finishing of a product guarantees you faultless result.

Use the tips from the article, and you will definitely succeed. You can share your experience and secrets in the comments.