Front exterior staircase, or porch, is probably the most important element of exterior of the country house. That’s why the design and decoration of the porch in the private house should highlight the aesthetics of construction and the overall integrity of composition. The desire to decorate your private house with the refined entrance stairs, developed with regard to the modern fashion trends and personal preference is quite normal. If you want to create the front stairs that will stand out against the other private houses, you need to study the photos of front porches of the private houses and read the recommendations of experts.

Selection of materials for the front stairs in the private houseэ

Selection of materials for the front stairs in the private house

Selection of materials for the front stairs in the private house

Front porch in your house must be designed in the same style as the exterior. Therefore, it is recommended to use similar materials. I doubt you will find on our website the pictures of wooden houses with stone staircases (or on the contrary): these two architectural solutions will not fit together.

Two important tips:

  • if the building is made of wood, the porch can be wooden, metal or combined;
  • if the house is made of stone or brick, you can additionally use concrete, natural or artificial stone, metal elements, as well as plastic or glass for building the porch.

To decorate the front stairs in the private houses, you can use the combinations of any materials presented above. Please note that you should do it very cautiously so that the structure looks nice and harmonious. Perfect solutions are pictured below.

House exterior and trappings of household plot must fit together: for this purpose, experts recommend using similar finishing materials and overall color scheme.

This means that if the forged metal elements were used for the decoration of the gates and garage, it would be a good solution to use forging for the decoration of porch staircase.

You shouldn’t skimp on the finishing materials for the front staircases of the country houses if you want to extend the service life of the staircase. As this object is located outside, it will have to withstand temperature changes and rainfall.

Stylistic solutions in the creation of the front stairs

Stylistic solutions in the creation of the front stairs

Stylistic solutions in the creation of the front stairs

When creating the porch in the private house, it is important to consider stylistic and design features of exterior. Today, you can find many different styles of external staircases. Having studied all of them carefully, you will find the most suitable option. Descriptions and photos are presented below.

  • Porch, decorated in the style of castle. This is a massive product, decorated with natural facing stone. It would be a great solution to complement it with such decorative elements, as lattice or massive lamps that look like torches. You can see the photos of such porches in the gallery of our website.
  • If you prefer European style, this part of cottage must be decorated with the use of strict lines and correct forms. It is better to finish the stairs with exterior tile. Put a few figures of animals or large flowers in the pots at the entrance.
  • French style (pictured above) is characterized by the use of light and airy decorative elements. The door can be decorated with glass or plastic, while the porch can be adorned with a twisted metal bars. Designers recommend decorating such porch with loam plants and lush flowers along the perimeter. Neat path faced with stone or tile must lead to the external staircase.
  • Classic style (which is the most common option) implies the use of gable canopy that hinges on the neat racks or balusters. Such porch can be made of wood or a combination of wood and stone. It is not recommended to use bright and contrasting colors for decoration. You should give preference to the calm shades. This is the most functional solution for the summerhouses and cottages.
  • The porch in romantic style looks like a gazebo and is suitable for dates and communication. Benches, tables and beautiful lamps will go great with this exterior element. Arches and rotundas are often used for the decoration of such porch.
  • New and unique solution is patio (inner yard). Patio first appeared in European countries. It reminds of an outdoor terrace. This is a good solution for rest and receiving guests in summer. The main thing is to cover patio with roof.

Front porch of a private house staircase in a country cottage

Now you know what porch you should choose for the mansion or summerhouse and how to decorate it. You can share your thoughts your ideas and thoughts on the decoration in the comments. To delve into the topic, we advise you to read a very interesting and perfectly illustrated material about the design of the porch and the staircase of the private house.