Porcelain stoneware is a type of finishing material, which represents an artificial stone. It was created quite recently and is considered the material of the new generation. Porcelain stoneware stairs – natural beauty and durability.

This material helped to solve the issue related to the presence of thin flawless lines in the design and brought naturalness to the interior of the premises. Porcelain stoneware is a seamless material that meets all the requirements of minimalism. Usually, it is used in the construction of shopping, entertainment, and business centers, as well as in the country houses. This material is used to build the steps of modern train stations, stadiums, theaters, and universities. Externally, porcelain stoneware steps can create a bright design and visually add space to the interior.

Which stone is best for stairs?

Porch steps are considered a calling card of the house. The staircase and porch can not only fulfill their initial functions but also create an attractive appearance of the building. The latter depends directly on the steps leading to it. If the staircase harmoniously blends in with the design of the building, the country house looks natural, stylish and attractive. A staircase with porcelain stoneware steps will fit perfectly into the large country house with several floors. Since this material is so close to nature, this option will look perfect among greenery and landscape. In unlit or dimly lit places, porcelain stoneware staircase can give the room some shine and light, while in a limited area of the porch, it can visually increase the space.

Cottage stairs ideas

Despite its naturalness and harmony, the staircase made of porcelain stoneware should be finished in accordance with the room design. A properly designed staircase will add the finishing touch to the design solution and emphasize the taste of the house owner. To highlight the house architecture (and not to stand out), the staircase must fit its size. Choosing the type of the staircase, you need to take into account not only the design and architecture of the country house, but also the natural environment surrounding it. In perfect harmony with nature, your country house will look great.

The staircase must be not only beautiful, but also comfortable and safe. For this purpose, there are minimum requirements for the porch steps. The porch must be at least 80 cm wide (according to the experts in this field, it shouldn’t exceed 120 cm). The height and depth of the step should be at least 19 and 25 cm respectively.

Stair steps can’t have different heights! A person going down the stairs may fall, because having stepped down the stairs, he/she no longer watches his/her step, mechanically placing the legs to a certain height.

Steps shouldn’t be too smooth. In damp and wet weather, the stairs will be too slippery and dangerous for walking. You should make the surface of the porch a little rough or use special notches. Many manufacturers recommend installing the special anti-slip strips on the steps.

A huge variety of shapes, colors and shades of steps makes it possible to choose an option that will harmonize with the exterior design of the country house. Using porcelain stoneware, you can make the porch unique and individual, taking into account the design and preferences of the house owner.

Is Italian porcelain the best?

Today, porcelain stoneware is massively produced. Materials of both producing countries comply with generally accepted international standards and quality norms.

Currently, there are several types of porcelain stoneware on the building materials market: for external and internal work, for floors and steps, as well as a universal type of this material.

Italian brands “Ariostea”, “Cercom” and “Leonardo” are most popular among the designers. The latter will add sophistication and style to the interior of the country house, while one of the most expensive brands “Coem” (Italy) will add a unique luxury and shine to the interior.

Fans of “glazed” porcelain stoneware should take a look at the interesting collections from Spain, such as “palace” porcelain stoneware from such as companies “Vallelunga” and “Ceracasa”.

If you own a country house or plan to build it, the choice of stairs and porch for your future house depends only on your imagination, taste, and, of course, financial capacity.