The elements of pine ladders are considered optimal for assembly and installation of a reliable structure. The main advantages of wooden components include expressiveness and reliability, and a wide variety of textures and shades allows you to choose the details for every taste and color.

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The aesthetic function of component parts of stair design

The elements of wooden stairs have to satisfy not only requirements of comfort and safety, but also to serve as a room decor. Pine successfully combines low cost and good wear resistance.

Pliability and softness of the material make it possible to process parts of any complexity; pine stairs are ideal for carving and can be decorated with a variety of applied decorative details.

Pine bar differs from other types of boards by pastel tone and clear texture. Elements of stairs from ash and other trees look less brightly in comparison with components from pine, and it is extremely difficult to fit them into color composition of the finished interior.

Interesting structure of pine timber with clear fibers allows you to create a harmonious eco-interior or to install the staircase in any modern style.

The rich palette of shades from pinkish-white to dark yellow-makes it possible not only to choose the perfect color, but also to achieve greater expressiveness and originality by toning the finished design.

Decorative hats

Selection of structural components

The breed of wood largely determines the properties of the future canvas. Pine is considered the most common and at the same time affordable option. Elements of stairs made of larch are considered to be more durable, but more expensive. There are constructive and decorative details from beech and oak. As for these types of wood, the price of components depends on the class, which is indicated by the Latin alphabet.

AB, AC, BB and BC classes are usually attributed to the category “Extra”. The class defines the color characteristics of wood – the uniformity of color and shade slats in the selection. Wood products marked CC may have a small number of knots.
Elements for stairs from ash will suit everyone who boasts not only good taste, but also a stable financial position. Breed is considered more solid than oak, but its special charm is the flexibility of the material.

Balusters and steps

The basic elements and their sizes

The selection of products is mainly influenced by the location, design and dimensions of the stairs. Each of the elements has a standard size. So, if you want to implement non-standard ideas, you should make parts yourself or by order.

Free forms (winding steps, balusters and columns of non-standard execution) are usually made by order.

A pine staircase is an optimal solution for an apartment or house, as the structure will not only have an attractive appearance, but also outstanding performance.

The intricacies of treatment and care for wooden stairs can be an impossible task for beginners. Your advice on how to care for pine structures will help everyone to keep the canvas and accessories clean and tidy.

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