Variants of ladders

Three-section ladder

  • Three-section sliding ladder – multifunctional structures, which allow to collect a stable structure resembling the double-sided stepladder, but with a pull-out section for work at height. These ladders have found wide application in construction companies. Aluminium – a lightweight material, this makes the construction of convenient to transport and use.
  • Ladders for home and professional use. The plant produced lightweight aluminum ladders of small sizes for domestic use and durable steel construction that can safely withstand any load. Ladders are needed for builders, finishers, electricians, and gardeners, and librarians.
  • Tower tours for high-altitude construction and installation works. Such structures are very convenient to use. They are equipped with two pairs of wheels, which make the device mobile, and during the work it also use a special stopper, which securely holds the tower in place and protects it from accidental movement.
  • Wheelbarrows for construction and gardening works. Reliable and convenient, they can be used for manual transportation of any goods. There are models with one or two wheels, the different capacity of the body, as well as enhanced design for greater reliability and long service life.
  • Concrete mixers of forced type are electric. Convenient mechanisms for small volumes of construction eliminate hand-mixing of cement mortars for various purposes. The relief of the workers is of great importance in the rationalization of the construction process and optimizes the time spent at work.


How reliable are ladders?

There are different opinions and reviews on enterprise products in particular, and about the ladders. Two – and three-piece sliding design has long been widely spread, they are used by workers of different fields of activity.

It is possible to divide sections and use them as separate ladders, which are quite convenient for those occasions when you do not need the entire usable length of extension ladders.

Ladders are also widely known. Each of us has ever seen such a ladder. They are steel (with steps made of plywood) and aluminum (small mounts that require special reliability, made of steel). Also, there are single and double sided ladders, versatile and professional. They are in great demand among the population because the price of the product is affordable for everyone, and negative reviews about this product haven’t been reported. High strength aluminium profile or steel parts will not allow the ladder to easily break, and the developed fixing system in working mode will not fail, it has been checked by the time.


But the ladder-transformers have very mixed reviews. Among those who have used them, there are a lot people who are satisfied with the quality, and those who argue that fixing of this ladder is not well thought out, and it can lead to breakage in use. The claimed margin of safety on the stairs-transformer is hundred and fifty pounds. Usually this is enough for work, but who knows, perhaps the additional pressure will make the total load exceed the stated allowable weight. Let’s hope that the designers will solve the issue with mounting ladders-transformer, and products will delight users with durability and convenience.


What kind of aluminum ladders have you used and how do you estimate their quality?