Quartz stone is a quite strong, reliable, and durable natural stone, resistant to any kind of external load. Stair steps made of quartz agglomerate are resistant to prolonged stress and abrasion and easy to clean. Due to a great choice of colors, everyone can choose an option to their taste.

The range of ​​use of quartz stone steps is quite extensive. To date, they are especially popular among the owners of the country houses. Moreover, quartz stone steps are used in the shopping and entertainment centers, hospitals, bus, and railway stations, as well as many other public places with a large crowd of people and long-term external load on the steps. Quartz stone steps are used in the office premises, restaurants and cafes, hotels, public institutions, and banks. If such steps are installed on the street side, special additives are used to protect them from direct sunlight during manufacture.

Benefits of using quartz stone steps

  1. Resistance to external mechanical impact, chemical attack, and abrasion,
  1. Long service life,
  2. Resistance to the sudden temperature changes,
  3. Perfect option for any interior,
  4. Esthetic and attractive appearance,
  5. Affordability,
  6. Wide range of applications,
  7. Great choice of colors.

As the surface of the quartz stone is very smooth, special stickers are used to reduce slipping. You can choose the material with matte surface. Some manufacturers leave small cuts in quartz and insert a rubberized profile into them.

Quartz steps are usually 20-30 mm thick. However, their thickness depends directly on the type of the staircase. For example, if the latter has a concrete frame, feel free to choose a 30-mm thick option. However, if the frame is iron, the thickness of material must not exceed 20 mm. For suspended staircases, choose 30-mm thick quartz steps.

The cost of quartz steps depends on the following nuances

  1. The shape of the stairs (for example, straight or spiral),
  2. The thickness of the quartz itself,
  3. The number of steps,
  4. The type of edge and number of risers,
  5. The presence of anti-slip strips,
  6. The presence of backlight.

The choice of quartz stone steps is a guarantee of reliability, beauty, aesthetics and durability.