People often use the prefabricated reinforced concrete steps for the arrangement of stairs. They are characterized by accessible price and good performance characteristics. Products made according to the requirements of GOST will be wear resistant and safe. Marking “LS” is used to indicate the main steps of the staircase. The figures following this reduction indicate the length of the product. When the step marking “LS15” is given, it means that the length of the main details is 1500 mm. Here we will be talking about the characteristics of the steps “LS 12” and other markings, as well as the scope of their application.

Meaning of marking

When building the staircase, you will require not only main but also frieze steps – upper ladder step (ULS) and lower ladder step (LLS). Sometimes, internal and external stairs are faced with reinforced concrete steps, referred to as RCS. The products can have both smooth and rough surface. Smooth steps are used without additional treatment. Rough surfaces are used for facing with tile, stone plates and other materials.

Scope of application of the reinforced concrete steps

Both indoor and outdoor stairs can be equipped with reinforced concrete steps. They are applicable for different rooms that require the stairs of non-standard sizes. They can also be used to arrange the lifting at height differences. Reinforced concrete details can be used at a temperature from -40 ºC.

Staircase elements are made of different types of concrete: light, heavy or silicate.

The class of materials for the erection of external structures must be at least В25, and for the other stair flights – at least В15.


Depending on the direction of lifting (clockwise or counterclockwise), steps are made in the left or right option.

Design characteristics

Indisputable advantage of such products is simplicity of installation. At the same time, they are resistant to heavy loads. They are installed on the supporting elements, preliminarily embedded at the edges of the planned stairwell.

All concrete steps are divided into several categories:

  • with mesh and embedded elements;
  • without mesh and with embedded elements;
  • with mesh and without embedded elements;
  • without mesh and embedded elements.

Concrete steps are made with or without the embedded elements, intended for fastening the railings. Slots are provided for the fixation of handrails of other configuration. Rods and reinforcing wire are used for reinforcement.

Reinforced concrete stairs are characterized by accessible price. They can be called practical and economical option. Following the technological standards, you can build both straight and winding stairs. Steps with the marking “15” are suitable for the creation of the main staircase.

Price of reinforced concrete steps

In the table below, we provide data on the steps with mesh and without embedded elements. Indicators are given on weight, size and price.

MaterialsBenefitsDisadvantagesOther features
AluminumSmall weight of product, reliability, resistance to corrosion and practicality; perfect for domestic useComparatively high price
DuraluminVery durable material at an accessible price;It is less strong than aluminum and steelIt is an aluminum alloy
SteelHigh strength, safety; it is suitable for professional laddersExposure to corrosion; steel structures are heavier than aluminum onesBolt connection or welding is used for fastening the steps to the supports of metal structures
WoodIt is easier to process than metal. Wood is serviceable, and you can make such structure with your own hands.Great weight of finished product, exposure to the effects of environmentWhen building the ladder, you should make sure that there are no knots in the wood; varnish coating is necessary for protection from external influences


145 mm high steps are intended for the stairs with a gradient = 1:2. 125 mm high articles are intended for such structures. If the height is 143 or 168 mm, such products are used for the arrangement of steep stairways with a gradient = 1:1,5. These can be the steps for service space or attic.

Common rules for the staircase

By the rules, the number of steps in the staircase can vary between 3 and 18. Mandatory requirements are equal height and sufficient lighting. The length of staircase must not exceed the established limit. However, the main purpose of such staircase is providing comfortable and safe climbing and design decoration in the form of facing the concrete stairs with wood will add comfort to the premises.

To build the stairs in the private house or multi-story building, it is convenient to use the finished reinforced concrete steps. Leave your comments on the material and share your recommendations for installing and facing of the prefabricated steps.