What is an integral part of the work on concrete stair structures? One of the important procedures is the reinforcement of ladder march along with the development of the design of the device, the creation of drawings, which will be the creation of the product, as well as external design trim. This procedure is necessary in order to increase the strength and durability of the finished structure, to prevent its deformation, as well as to increase the service life for several decades. For this purpose we use steel bars, and also welding or binding by a wire of separate elements.

Why should you increase the strength of stair flights: what is the reinforcement procedure for?

Stairwells are exposed to many external influences. These include the own weight of the stairs, and the weight of all residents of the house, and the mass of transported goods. It is impossible not to take into account the direct mechanical effects, as well as atmospheric ones – humidity and temperature changes. All these factors will sooner or later lead to the fact that the upper concrete layers will begin to shrink and sink, and the lower ones – stretch and collapse. We maintain the reinforcement of flight of stairs in order to compensate for these problems.

If you have to maintain the reinforcement of one-march concrete stairs, the reinforcement should be designed only in the lower part. The reinforcement in other areas will not bring actual benefit and you will just waste your time.

If you want to protect the top of the concrete stair structure, a good solution would be to use metal mesh, usually steel. This is required in order to save the product from mechanical impacts during operation.

When should you strengthen the flight of stairs?

A detailed drawing of the future staircase and its formwork should be created before maintaining the reinforcement procedure. It is made from timber and planks with a thickness not less than 3 mm. Then it is recommended to perform waterproofing. You need to use roofing felt or polyethylene. This will help to avoid deformation of the concrete at the initial stage.

It is possible to start strengthening of a concrete ladder only when all preparatory works are carried out. In addition to the drawing of the product, you will need a high-quality drawing reinforcement ladder march. When developing this drawing, the following product criteria must be taken into account:
• the length of the staircase;
• length of rebar or metal rods that you will use to increase strength;
* the distance at which the rods will be laid;
• the minimum value of the height of the concrete slab.

You should install not only metal grill, but metal corners as well for further strengthening of the stairs and preventing them from chipping.

After preparing the reinforcement scheme, you can proceed to the production of the frame. All metal elements must be installed prior to the concrete mixture filling process. Only after the manufacture and installation of the frame it is filled with concrete mortar. The fill is performed in one step-starting from the lower steps and gradually moving to the upper ones. You should use a vibrator to seal the solution: it is important not to touch the reinforcement rods during its use.

Now you know why it is recommended to make reinforcement and how it is carried out. Share your opinion and results of reinforcement in the comments.