Ladders are necessary to perform various types of work – commercial, installation and repair. A variety of materials and designs allows you to choose a ladder from the many models in a wide price range.


Design of a standard stepladder

Design of building ladders requires not only ascending stairs, but the mandatory presence of a support-striker, needed for stabilizing.

Corrugated rungs on the ladder help to keep the balance and are in need to create friction between the sole and the surface of each step. Rivets or bolt-on connections are capable to withstand about 150 kg, but some manufacturers insist on twice as much weight.
The main parameters that contribute to the cost of the equipment are number of steps and the width of the individual element, purpose and material.
Zeros to the price of the ladder increase the popularity of the manufacturer – European companies sell their products at much more expensive price than domestic ones.

The material of construction affects the cost, weight and size of the stairs. The most practical models made of aluminum and other metals.

building ladder planks

building ladder planks

Types of ladder constructions

Depending on the type and materials of the ladder, it can be mobile and compact, or stable and slow-moving:

  • side ladders are considered the most primitive and are only suitable for commercial and domestic works;
  • swivel ladders are composed of bonded sections, which number depends on the working height and materials;
  • towers are heavy and require secure, apply for construction works;
  • folding model is compact, has a small weight and size. It makes it easy to drag the ladder from place to place;
  • forest is needed only for walls with a height more than 4 meters.

Household and professional purposes are also as a sign of distinction. The simple model is used in the household, aging less weight, and having a working height of about 4 meters. Professional designs have virtually no restrictions as may be performed on the order.

reliable stepladder

reliable stepladder

Materials for building ladders

The basic requirements for building ladders – durability and resistance, but not all materials meet these simple requirements.

Wood ladders are considered to be quite impractical — they are prone to cracking and crack quickly; chips are formed on the steps over time. Maximum allowable load for design of wood is about 100 kg. The only advantage of wooden ladders is the visual appeal and accuracy, aided by polishing and varnishing the surface.

Aluminum ladders are the most practical because of the properties of the basic material. If you want to reduce the cost of design, you can build a combined construction with metal racks and plastic steps.

Before purchasing aluminum ladders it is necessary to check the design for durability, especially the stability of racks and the reliability of a series of steps.

Light weight of a ladder made of aluminum alloy can be explained easily – a small number of steps (5-8 pieces).

reliable step ladders at lowe's

reliable step ladders at lowe’s

Tips for choosing a stepladder

You need to pay attention to the following items when buying equipment:

  1. Type of main and auxiliary materials.
  2. The desired height, which may vary in the folded condition.
  3. The maximum weight that the ladder is able to withstand without loss of efficiency and breakdowns.
  4. The width of the steps and a gap between the individual elements
  5. The presence of corrugations on each step.
  6. The quality and material of attachments on the poles.


It is better to check the safety of each model manually, as some materials have a tendency to deformation under the influence of external factors (temperature, humidity, mechanical damage).

building ladder security cage

building ladder security cage

When do you need a building ladder?

Wood as the main material is required for ladders used in electrical installation works because of dielectric properties. Although such a model will break down relatively quickly, but fully meets security requirements.
Different mounting and painting is also best done by means of a wooden ladder; the ladder is easily moved, there is no need to climb up and down.
Building ladders and towers have a large working area, but it is not simple to move a heavy weight design and fix all the accessories again, especially when there is significant amount of work.

It is important not only to choose a stepladder or a building ladder, but you should take care of it. Different materials and design suggest a variety of storage conditions, so your feedback on the features and operation of equipment will help make the material more informative and useful.