Wooden pillars are the elements of classic staircase, designed in the best traditions of previous years. To extend the service life of such articles, they are generally made of hardwoods. Wooden balusters (beech and larch) are considered one of the most durable and beautiful options.

Characteristics of wooden details

Balusters made of beech, oak and larch have several advantages over the products made of other wood species and materials:

  • Availability of raw materials. Wooden balusters have much lower price than forging or glass.
  • With proper processing, oak details are characterized by high wear resistance and safety.
  • Wide opportunities for creativity. Wood is easy to treat. You can give it any desired shape and cut any pattern.
  • Simplicity of installation. Accessible fastening materials (screws, anchors and dowels) are used for fixing the balusters made of larch or oak.

Disadvantages of such solutions lie in the material, i.e. wood. It is vulnerable to destruction by bugs, absorbs moisture and changes its characteristics in case of temperature changes. To reduce these negative factors, you require high-quality drying of material, special manufacturing technologies, processing of the finished product with special compounds against pets, protective primer, varnishing or wax coating, which significantly increases the price of final product.

Classic oak

Oak balusters are considered classic. The price of oak railings is very high. However, it is easily compensated by high strength and durability of construction. The density of wood is 700 kg/m2. It increases when you soak the oak blanks in running water. This is due to the specific composition of raw material. Dissolving in water, tanning substances make the staircase elements resistant to distortions, moisture and temperature drops.

Buying the oak balusters, you pay tribute to the traditions, fill your house with luxury and genuine chic of expensive wood species. Such staircase is arranged mainly in the house, as it requires attentive and responsive care. You must regularly wipe the surfaces with wet and dry cloth, correct the wax layer and refresh the varnish. However, high strength, density and resistance to the fungus make oak excellent material for building the stairs and supports for the porch.

Nobility of red beech

Oak balusters are a top of luxury and carpentry. Why? Density of oak is inferior to oak in terms of resistance to fungus and mold. However, it is considered excellent working material.

The material has the following feature: over the years, light oak becomes deep red as the expensive mature wine. Special welding technology, used by experienced masters, allows you to accelerate this process and achieve original effects.

The price of oak balusters is characterized by significant fluctuations. This is largely due to the processing technology. Machine finishing is much cheaper than delicate handmade carving. Experience master can create wonderful patterns on the surface of the workpiece, which fit perfectly into the atmosphere of Russian house and country style.

This material is used only for interior works, as it is vulnerable to destructive effect of fungi, mold, pets, moisture and temperature drops.

Oak is too capricious for the porch and garden railings but comfortable and pleasant in the interior.

“Red nucleus” is a zest of beech that takes time. Young wood of delicate yellow or whitish shade similar to acacia or birch.

Accessibility and aesthetics of larch

Conifers are located at the edge of hardwoods. Larch balusters differ advantageously from spruce and pine. Main advantages of this material are as follows:

  1. High density prevents distortions and deformation of workpieces and finished products.
  2. During operation, larch balusters emit much less resin that the details from other conifers.
  3. This sort is resistant to mold and fungus. It doesn’t require the treatment with special antiseptics, which increase the naturalness of material.

Larch balusters are primarily used for interior decoration. Their high aesthetical characteristics are not inferior to beech or oak, and the price is democratic and reasonable. Larch staircase, handrails and balusters will fit perfectly into the atmosphere of country cottage or private house and complement the interior of the hallway or library.

Larch balusters are manufactured in factory conditions with the use of special lathes and grinding machines. Decorative carving or edging can be applied to the surface manually or with a machine. When choosing the material for building or buying the ready solutions, you should pay attention to the hitches. This sort is characterized by a large number of defects, which greatly affects the quality of the final product.

Wooden elements made of larch, beech or oak are a centuries-long history, traditions and elegance. Fill the space around you with natural materials, which will fill your house with freshness and purity.