Spiral staircases can be called a universal and practical solution in tight spaces. They are represented at a more affordable price than the main counterparts. They occupying minimum space and are a bright accent in the interior. You can acquire spiral staircase to garden cheaply or if you have the skills in construction and free time to build it themselves.

What is the difference between spiral constructions?

The most suitable for the manufacture of helical structures remain the following:

  • metal;
  • wood.

Their main advantages are that they are versatile and give you the opportunity to make different design decisions. They allow you to carry out exclusive projects for the country home and economy options available for the garden. A spiral metal staircase is often used as the outer or climb into the attic. There are standard and combined models with metal support and wooden steps.
In addition to the above materials, spiral constructions use plastic, stone and even glass elements.

Different models of spiral stairs and method of fastening steps. Often you can see one of the following mounting options:

  • on the bowstring;
  • to the reference desk located in the center of the design;
  • to the wall console.

Circular closed string stairs look especially aesthetically pleasing. Fastening to the central front is typical of the constructions made in the old style. When embedding the beams into the wall, they are mounted with balusters and handrails. The variations of spiral patterns do not end there. However, you will have to give up fancy buildings to design inexpensive cost.

The trajectory of motion when lifting

Depending on the looks of the path of movement when climbing, such designs are divided into:

  1. spiral (circular);
  2. half-spiral;
  3. quarter-spiral.

The path of recovery in the circular model implies a turnover of 360 degrees. As it becomes evident from the names of the other two configurations, there is a less angle of rotation.

If you want to choose the most suitable option, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the premises such as ceiling height, the size of the plot allocated for the arrangement of the steps, the interior design.

The model coils which differ in size are considered to be helical. The half-spiral facilities, a march of which is made in the form of an arc, are called an arc. They are characterized by a rectangular shape of steps or by a small restriction to the inner edge.
Rolling ladders are made with a support bar in the center. They are characterized by wedge-shaped treads. They are located around the support element, and the narrow end is resting on the rack, and wide – on the fence. Reliability of structures, in general, will depend on the quality of raw materials and suitable fasteners.

Basic requirements for construction

If you want the scissor-lift design to be only aesthetic, but also convenient in operation and safe, it must meet specific requirements. Below you will see the size of the opening and the length of the step.

The size of the opening

According to the accepted standards, the minimum diameter of the opening for the construction shall be 2000 mm, while the minimum length of a step is equal to 900 mm. This ratio is explained by the fact that the opening is necessary to enter not only the tread but also the railing. When lifting the handrails it should be comfortable to hold, that’s why there should be some distance between them and the borders of the opening.

However, if the design is set as auxiliary, the diameter of the opening can be reduced. It will go with the opening of 1400 mm with a length of 600 mm. These dimensions are applicable for replacement or leading to the attic stairs.

The length of the step

You should not hastily conclude that the length of the step will be equal to half the diameter of the opening. A portion of the length will go by the installation of fences. The tread will be shorter due to the anchoring to the support rack. Thus, the original length of 1000 mm in practice will be reduced to 800-900 mm.

Spiral staircases are equipped with winder stairs, which are fixed on the inside. Therefore, there will be only 50% of the surface of the tread to walk on, and therefore two people will hardly disperse at such a scale on the steps. It should be considered in the design and calculation of design parameters for the house. However, the increase in diameter of the opening is only appropriate within 3 meters. If you have free space, it is preferable to set the main design.

What is the cost of the construction?

If you want to buy inexpensive screw-down model for a private house or to the country, it is necessary to understand what determines the final cost. The leading role here is performed by the cost of materials. The stainless steel will cost about 20% more expensive than similar parts made of iron.
The dimensions of the stairs are relevant to the pricing. Standard sizes are designed for comfortable walking of an adult. If it is necessary to complete the construction of the large dimensions, you will have to make adjustments to the process and methods of attachment.

The determination of the final cost spiral staircases can be based on the selected design type. The presence of decorative elements will have an impact on the price. An affordable option is prefabricated, modular design wood stairs. They are versatile and allow you to perform the installation quickly and inexpensively.

When selecting and installing spiral staircases for home or villa, it is preferable to use the services of professionals. If necessary, the manufacture of stairs-to-order will perform the measurements and prepare the project taking into account the wishes of the customer. When you install the design, it is critical to the safety standards. Leave a comment on the article and share recommendations on how to choose a suitable spiral construction.