When building a house or arranging of the duplex apartment, there is the question of choosing staircase design. You should consider the design and dimensions of the room. If you have the limited space, or it is necessary to construct auxiliary elevator, or you have a desire to complement the interior with a bright accent, you should think about the choice of metal spiral stairs. Then we will talk about the most common configurations. We will also give you advice on how to prepare drawings and execute the work with your hands.

Presented configuration

When you think about the spiral staircases made of metal, you think of wedge-shaped treads, which are located around the central steel column. It is the most popular type of construction, often presented in the form of precast products. Its distinctive feature is ease of assembly and relatively low cost.

The lineup consists of the following modifications:

  • prefabricated;
  • welded;
  • forged;
  • cast.

The last two types are characterized by elegant original design and high price. Artistic forging is characterized by steel while casting – by iron or bronze. Prefabricated structures are made from aluminum or metal with chrome finish. Their assembly is easily carried out with your own hands.
Simple design has welded options. They can occur in a variety of design. Due to the relatively simple device, you can build this model with your own hands. There is the algorithm of work below. You can perform only the frame structure, and decorate it with any suitable material, such as wood, natural or artificial stone. The stairs spiral metal staircase “Cascade” has no lining, but are made with an anti-slip coating.

How are stairs fixed?

Mounting steps can be accomplished in several ways. A console is the most suitable option for mounting with your own hands. It is the metal beams that are welded directly to the supporting stand. The console can act as independent steps or as a base for subsequent coatings.

The other option is to mount steps at the outside of the rails, and the inside of the casings.

Rails are the metal rods that fix the outer edge of the tread.

Cartridges are the details in the shape of a cup that has a diameter greater than that of the supporting frame. They are installed between pairs of stages and kept at the desired height.

Mounting the stairs to the rails allows you to lock steps, not weighing them visually securely, and then the structure is light and airy.

One of the most beautiful solutions can be the fixation on the outer string. It frames the outer edge of the tread, wherein the support post in the center is missing. The model is very complicated to manufacture, and the price is rather high.

Computation and preparation of drawings

Calculating the parameters of a spiral staircase made of metal, you should consider the following recommendations.

  1. The distance between the turns should be optimal for an adult. Recommended height is 2 meters.
  2. In the opening, it is necessary to provide clearance between the edges of the slab and handrail. When the width of the stage is 800 mm, the total diameter of the opening shall be 2000 mm. Smaller values are valid for the auxiliary construction where the tread will have a width of 600 mm, and aperture accordingly – 1400 mm.
  3. The design will be reliable if the reference column is not less than 50 mm in diameter.
  4. The midline depth of the stage should be about 200 mm.
  5. The lifting angle must not exceed 45 degrees.
  6. You need to install the fence for comfort and safety when moving.
  7. The surface of the treads must have slip-proof pads or thread.
  8. Partitions of fragile materials such as drywall can’t serve as the perimeter of the walls.

After performing the calculations based on the above recommendations, it is possible to prepare the drawings. It is more difficult to produce the metal structure with your own hands harder than a model made of wood. It requires skills to work with welding equipment and other tools for metal. However, the price of such products will lower the cost of the factory models.

Procurement of parts and the mounting of the structure

Before starting work, you will need to prepare:

  • thick-walled pipe (length following the lifting height);
  • large diameter pipes of the same length;
  • tube of smaller diameter (on rails);
  • steel area under veneer or finished metal treads.

First, you need to prepare the casings. You should take the drawings to determine the height of one step, and cut the pipe of the largest diameter equal to this value fragments. Shells should be tightly put on the support leg. If there is a gap, then O-rings should be welded, the seams should be smoothed out.

Then you should cut angles welded them to the frame of the steps according to the prepared template. The new triangle is welded to the sleeve; the seams are sanded. The rails are made from the pipe of the smallest diameter. You can also use a steel area for the manufacture of these parts.

In the next step, the individual elements are collected as parts of a spiral staircase “Cascade.” The sleeves are put on the support leg, mounted and focusing on drawings, aligning the position of the steps. The pieces will be welded to each other, and then attached with rails. After completion of welding, all welds must be cleaned and polished. The finished structure is covered with a layer of primer and paint, and then steps are stoned.

Features of the use of spiral designs on the street

Outer spiral metal construction, leading to the second floor is beautiful as for the design. While street options are equipped with anti-slip pads, otherwise it will be dangerous to climb these stairs in damp weather. Sometimes flight is equipped with heating. In this case, the treads will not form ice.

Street design can be all metal and combined. An excellent addition to the robust steel frame will be wooden steps. You need installation of fences for safe prerequisite. If you have small children, it makes sense to equip street stage with additional handrail, mounted at a lower height.

You should be aware that the outside construction will be exposed to precipitation. It is recommended to attach the visor to protect it and prolong the life service. An additional useful measure would be a periodic painting of the metal parts. You can use other designed to protect metal tools.

Despite specific parameters, screw design is widely used both at home and outdoors. According to the settings and guidelines of experts, you can build a simple model with your own hands. The possible constructions on the market have an affordable price and are easy at installation. Share your tips on how to make a spiral design aesthetic and safe by leaving a comment.