Spiral staircases today are quite popular regardless of their place of installation – a small two-storey cottages or luxury country homes, or even two-story apartment. Such ladders can be found in office buildings and hotel lobby. What is the reason for this is the prevalence? First of all, it is ergonomics. They not only save space, but the price of a spiral staircase is often much lower than for products of other species.

Features of the design of spiral staircases


Features of design of spiral staircases

Features of the design of spiral staircases

Such ladders are produced according to both model and individual projects. Typical projects have relatively low cost, but the price of the products created individually for a specific type, design or sizes can seriously increase.
The price of the ladder will be determined by the materials from which it is made, design as well as design features. If you want to understand how the price may change depending on the stair construction, you are required to consider in detail the stair spiral.

The most important feature of spiral staircases is the power installation – the owners of apartments and houses can mount them just about anywhere that is available. Most models do not need to be formalized through the stringers or rails. There is a support leg in the heart of the design, which is necessary for mounting to the steps. Depending on the characteristics of the room and the location of a spiral staircase, you should choose the variant of fastening and fencing. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the more complex the design is, the more additional elements it contains, the higher its value will be.
The product has a characteristic shape in the form of a swirling spiral and is equipped with a large number of trapezoidal steps, which are arranged like a fan. Sometimes models are equipped with risers, but, manufacturers very rarely use this solution – they significantly reduce the usable area of the tread. Also, the price of a collected spiral staircase, equipped with these details, can significantly increase all the difficulties of their installation.

What is the cost of spiral staircases

What is the cost of spiral staircases

What is the price of spiral staircases, depending on the materials?

What materials are used for spiral staircase? There are a huge variant of options offered by modern stores. The most interesting fact is that the materials for such stair designs range from standard to the most unusual:

  • metal;
  • tree;
  • natural or artificial stone;
  • triplex;
  • plastic and PVC;
  • acrylic and glass.

The cost of the finished product depends on the materials. The structures made of plastic and metal are of the lowest price – the reason is that these materials are elementary to operate and low in cost.
The second place is given to such material as wood. Depending on what species of wood is used, the cost of the finished product can be severely increased. This material is quite complicated in processing, as well as the completed spiral staircase out of wood is not easy to install. It is essential to pay attention to the fact that the tree requires additional processing to ensure that the product lasts as long as possible and even after many years, has maintained its reliability and pristine appearance.
The modern market offers buyers the opportunity to order wood stairs handmade; the price will significantly rise over the cost of other types of screw designs.
The most challenging thing in the work is considered materials such as stone, glass and acrylic. That is why they are rarely used for making the design altogether, in most cases; they are the elements of design, decoration and design. For example, acrylic is often used to create steps, and natural stone veneer fence and the center column. Additional decoration is an additional increase in the cost of the stairs.

What determines the cost of the staircase

What determines the cost of the staircase

What determines the price of the staircase?

Every person who wishes to acquire in your house or apartment this product, first of all, thinks about how much spiral staircase will cost. To understand how the pricing objective and if the price offered by the company manufacturer, it should consider the following factors that may have a significant impact:

  1. As mentioned above, a substantial effect is caused by the material from which the construction is made.
  2. The methodology and technology of product manufacturing.
  3. Standard or individual project, which will be used for manufacturing the construction you are interested in.
  4. The complexity and intricacy of the design of spiral staircases which you have paid attention to.
  5. The type and size of the structure.
  6. The necessity or its lack in the exterior treatment of materials in the manufacture of the product.
  7. The presence of elements and the complexity of their manufacture.

If you want to get more advice on pricing, you can always contact representatives of the company, which are planning to buy the product. You should pay attention to the fact that the market today presents a vast number of manufacturers, which will also depend on the final cost of the product.

Many brands, positioning the class of its products as “premium,” propose you to purchase products at relatively high prices. Other companies, however, wanting to win the love of customers, offer low prices and the opportunity to participate in a variety of discount promotions.

Is it possible to reduce the cost of the product, and how can you do it?

The cost of spiral staircases can be reduced, and you can do so – you need to make a design by your own, and you will be able to save considerably on the development of the draft articles, the remuneration of employees who will participate in the production and other things. Getting started by yourself, you have to spend money only on the materials for your future staircase, and this is a serious saving. Besides, when you begin to trade, you will be able to acquire new skills and knowledge, though, spend a little more time than if you had bought the design in the store.

If an independent manufacturer of the subject causes you some difficulties, you can use another technique to save money. In addition to selling products, most manufacturers offer an additional installation. You can unsubscribe from the service – installation of staircases and platforms is quite simple and detailed in the accompanying instructions.

After reviewing this information, you have learned what the value of spiral staircase design in modern stores is and have determined how to save in case if you require a spiral staircase. Don’t forget to leave comments and share information with friends.