Human life is priceless. According to the relentless statistics, about 35% of traumas people get when they fall from a height lead to death. Railings and handrails made of stainless steel guarantee the safety of movement on the stairs. Therefore, their manufacture is relevant at all times. However, due to the properties of material, they are used not only as a support of the stairs, but also as a barrier in the pools, saunas, on the balconies, etc. Besides, the price of these products is usually good.

Stainless steel handrails – appreciate the benefits

Steel properties are really unique. Therefore, the use of stainless steel for the manufacture is especially suitable for the person who:

  • Cares for his/her own safety – strength of material was proven by scientific research and practice.
  • Wants to decorate the interior of his/her house, apartment, office, etc. Due to the “harsh tempering”, steel can take any shape – from strict and geometrically verified to fine and almost lacy. This gives you an excellent opportunity to emphasize the overall style of interior and insert a punch line in it. The easiest way to do it to choose the shape from the photo.
  • Is used to save money, but not at the expense of quality. Wall handrails or railings made of stainless steel, embedded in the floor, will cost much less than, for example, nickelized models. Therefore, the price of material is considered optimal; and allows you to save a lot.
  • Fights for ecological cleanness. Based on the fact that steel products are recommended for installation even in medical and pre-school institutions, all the indicators of this material meet the high standards of environmental safety (and the manufacturers know it).
  • Considers himself/herself thoughtful and prefers reliability and durability in all. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, aggressive materials and mechanical damage. Therefore, stainless steel products serve for a long time without losing their attractiveness.

Probably, someone prefers wooden railings and handrails, but steel exceeds wood by many measures (especially strength and durability). Even in the photo, steel products look much more effective. Reputable manufacturers make up the catalogs to show the “face” of their products.

According to the world safety standards, any staircase that has more than three steps, must be equipped with railings. And if older persons and children often use the stairs, they should be provided with additional handrails that will fully correspond to their physical abilities.

Stainless steel railings: difficulties of choice

The assortment of stainless steel handrails is quite wide; therefore, the customers often feel confused, and the fear of facing the fraudsters interferes with their choice. The first thing you should focus on is prices. They must not be very different from the average market prices, as inflated cost can bring disappointment, while a too low cost can indicate the doubtful origin of material or a “mayfly” manufacturer. If you can’t decide on the shape of railings, look at the photos of the finished products to find something to your taste. You can find the manufacturer using the feedbacks of your friends or special Internet resources.

If the choice is difficult, some customers proceed from the overall look of interior, as well as the image and activities of the company (if the railings or handrails are intended for the office). Thus, strict forms are suitable for the financial institutions, while the subtle shapes “with a curl” are perfect for the museum or art gallery. The paint will highlight the restraint or, on the contrary, elegance of stainless steel products. You should apply it after the construction and installation. This will increase the price but also fascinate your visitors!

Additional benefits of stainless steel railings

Apart from the strength of railings and their excellent aesthetic appearance, optimal price and resistance to aggressive environment, has another undeniable advantage – resistance to vandalism. Attractiveness of railings and barriers can cause an overwhelming desire to possess the same beauty. However, as some individuals are used to follow the path of least resistance, at least single attempts to “steal” the ready product are quite real. Of course, you shouldn’t worry about the elements interior, but the outdoor decoration may suffer. However, this trick will hardly work for the steel railings, as they are mounted securely, and if the installation of railings and handrails was made correctly, they can be dismantled only by means of special equipment.

How do you assess the quality of stair railings and wall handrails made of stainless steel? Tell us about it in the comments!