If you want to buy a high-quality stair design or make it with your own hands, it is necessary to pay attention to all the elements – the material from which it will be made, finishing methods, installation reliability. Special attention should be paid to components for stairs made of pine and other materials — plugs, fasteners and so on. They must be reliable and manufactured qualitatively, so that their service life will be long.

Classification of component parts for wooden ladders

Although, the device of a ladder design seems not so difficult at first sight, this opinion is wrong. It includes not only key elements, but also a lot of additional parts, which are called components. Accessories for ladders, regardless of what material they are made, can be divided into three main categories:

* functional items, or as they are called, carriers. This includes parts such as fasteners, plugs;

* useful items in terms of decor;

* necessary items to ensure the reliability, safety of the entire product.

Many components and spare parts are difficult to relate to any one category. For example railings are responsible for the safety of the structure in addition to their decorative function. Caps and fasteners, which have been already discussed, can be safely attributed to the third category, in addition to the first one.

Variety of additional spare parts for stair constructions

Accessories for ladders from pine and other type of wood are presented in a wide variety in modern shops. Depending on your needs and desire, you can always find:

  • balusters that will make a railing more reliable, durable and stable;
  • furniture boards;
  • steps that will be required in that case, if the old ones are worn out, out of operation;
  • strings;
  • railings are a wonderful piece of decor of stair designs that will help you to create a completely unique style and exclusive product. In addition, if you order a high-quality railing, you can be confident in the reliability and safety of the whole structure;
  • sites from a pine and other breeds of wood will be required in case old platforms become unusable or if you want to modernize appearance of stairs. A good solution is to buy a platform with an interesting design and decor. The main thing is that it is combined with other elements of product design;
  • accessories for stairs made of pine and other materials;
  • a stub is an important component part. High quality cap will significantly improve the security and reliability of the product;
  • fasteners are necessary spare parts. If you decide to make a ladder with your own hands, pick up high-quality fasteners and you can be sure in the reliability of the design;
  • swivel parts.

Reason for the need to buy plugs, fasteners, and other components

The need to buy components for wooden stairs made of pine and other wood can arise in a variety of cases.

Firstly, the purchase of these item may be required if you decide to create a staircase design with your own hands, you may encounter the problem of self-tightening elements such as plugs and fasteners.

This is a rather laborious process, so it will be easier to buy ready-made stair elements from pine or any wood in a specialty store.

Secondly, the acquisition of spare parts may be needed in case of their wear and tear and need for replacement. After reviewing the catalogs of companies that sell this type of goods, you are sure to pick up the right wooden fasteners and caps made of pine, or any other natural material.

It should be noted that there is a third reason for the purchase of such parts — they can make the simplest design of a multifunctional structure and significantly extend its life, as well as improve reliability and safety. Contact the store consultants — they will help you to find a spare element depending on the task that you have set for him. For example, if you want to reduce the degree of sliding steps, this will be done by specialized accessories, which are easy to install.

The last reason is connected with new interior solutions by the owner of the house. This will help them to buy new railings or platforms made of pine, which diversify the appearance of the product and give it a new mood and style.

After studying the components, the reasons for their purchase and installation, you will be able to choose high-quality parts to improve the reliability and safety of the stairs. Don’t forget to leave comments and share useful information with your friends.