Persons with disabilities, like all people, have the right to a normal life, but despite this, many of them face are different sorts of difficulties. Most often, they are associated with movement, especially if it deals with the stairs. The solution to this difficult problem can be stair lifts.

The device for movement on the stairs

Types of lifts

LiftThere are quite a large number of different types of machinery for lifting designed for a comfortable and safe ascent and descent at stairs of people that can’t do this on their own. The following types of lifts of this type:

  • Means of transportation the stairs, which is a separate, installable, portable device. It is also called a mobile lifting device for the disabled.
  • A built-in platform for vertical movement of people on wheelchairs, with the fence of the mine.
  • A built-in platform for vertical movement of people on wheelchairs, fenced shaft.
  • Platform design with a tilting movement.

Their variety is really impressive. Each of them is designed for different types of premises.

If every house, store, subway, or any other place is installed with such devices, the life of disabled people will be much easier, more convenient, and safer.

A stair lift is a unique device, pulling down the thick wall between normal healthy people and people with disabilities.


Mobile lifting design

This type of device for people with disabilities is relatively compact, does not require installation. It is a means of moving up ladders in areas where you cannot install a built-in design. It may be small private shops, museums, galleries and other places, stairs, and walls which are not subject to redevelopment. Such machines are well suited for small shipments.


A built-in platform with fencing of mine

Interesting lift to the second floorA characteristic feature of this type of lifting machine is the ability to raise people who are not able to move at quite a high altitude, up to several meters. The device is built into the room and represents the complete design, similar to the “mini lift.” There is a comfortable control system. The one who will move on it will be able to stay in complete safety since it is equipped with a fence. This unit can be installed both inside and outside the premises.


Built-in platform without fencing the mine

Lifts of this type are used to ensure that people, who may not be able to climb, can rise to a great height. They can also help them in different environments. It can move people to a height of 2 meters, raises in the vertical position.

Lifting units with tilting movement

3D-concept of the liftThey are ideal for areas with a large flight of stairs. Lifts with tilting movement are of two types:

  • Moving in a straight path
  • Moving along a complex path

The lifting structure moving in a straight path is able to carry a person in wheelchair around the staircase if the staircase is straight.
The lifts moving along a complex trajectory can carry a person using a wheelchair around the staircase. They are the most comfortable because it can deliver a person in a wheelchair both on the top and bottom, and along a complex path. These devices are programmed so that the staircase turns and change of direction of the flight are not constraints.

Due to all these devices, people with disabilities can feel fully human, as they actually are.


Prices on devices for lifting disabled persons

Prices on stair lifting devices vary depending on their type and manufacturer. For example, the price of a vertical lift machine may be approximately $2000-3000. The more functionality it has, the higher its price will be – in the same way as handrails for disabled in bathrooms.

These miracle machines, able to climb and descend at the stairs, are the first necessity for disabled people moving on wheelchairs. Thanks to them, they can live a full life. How would you feel if your staircase will be installed with lift for people with disabilities?