There are big and small stairs. But if it has more than three steps, the handrails are necessary (according to the international safety standards). However, welded railings for the stairs are used only in the places where there is a stairwell. Balconies, terraces, swimming pools and other structures also require railings for the safety. In this, the price is almost not important. After all, human life is invaluable!

What are the welded railings for?

Anyone who has even been to the swimming pool knows perfectly well how difficult it is to go up and down the stairs (especially to go up, as the stairs leading to the swimming pool are wet, therefore, it is very easy to slip. Welded railings for the stairs are necessary to protect you from falls and injuries. Moreover, using the handrails, you can get up to the attic, protect yourself and your loved ones from falling off the balcony or terrace, located in the open air above the ground, attractions, etc. – the price of life is much higher. You can make it with your own hands, but remember the following rule: “don’t make it if you are not sure”.

They can be leading and auxiliary. Once you look at the photos of the finished welded products, it becomes clear that “there is no accounting for taste”.

Materials used for the manufacture of the stair railings are very different:

  • Metal – any (from aluminum to stainless steel). Copper railings are especially chic, but their price is very high. Aluminum pipes are used for creating the cheap railings for small firms and aspiring private businessmen, which can be made even with your own hands. Copper is intended for the solid financial institutions, as its price is through the roof.
  • Triplex is a “layer” glass. There is a special polymer in its layer, which provides full safety in case of damage. Special photos demonstrate that this glass doesn’t smash to pieces, but just falls off.
  • Steel (including stainless) is a perfect material for creating the welded stair railings. It easily takes any shape (look at the photo, which shows what patterns you can make from steel plates), is resistant to corrosion and aggressive environment, and also recommended for installation in any accommodations (including preschool institutions and medical centers). Consequently, it is a durable and eco-friendly material, intended “for all occasions”. Besides, it is available at a relatively low price. Such products are often hand-made.

Few people don’t hold onto the welded handrails – at least instinctively. Therefore, even people who are not afraid of height need them, as security is always important.

Stair railings and children – reduce the risk factor!

Pre-school institutions are another place where welded stair railings are just necessary for the children. Children are careless; they don’t understand the level of risk and run headlong — numerous photos and videos prove that. However, this applies not only to the kindergartens or schools, but also to the two-story private houses or two-level apartments. It is not recommended to install the winding stairs, as it can cause traumas in children, and this price is too high. Yes, it will save the space, but is it worth the children’s health?
You must install the stairwell with secure railings. In this case, any child will be perfectly safe. You should remember that even despite the strong railings for the stairs, children less than 4-5 years should go up and down the stairs holding the hands of their parents or any other adults. Children and curious and impatient; therefore, the risk of injury is too high.

The ideal of welded railings for children’s institutions is a stainless steel product with a height of at least 1 m and shape/size, perfectly suitable for the children’s hands. Their prices are quite adequate. The distance between the bars of the handrail can be at least 6-7 cm or, on the contrary, very small – 1-2 cm. This will prevent the consequences of the “favorite child’s play” – to stick the head between the bars with a risk of getting stuck. Professional rescuers can tell a lot of stories like this. So, isn’t it better to prevent a situation? People who decided to make a stairs with their own hands should remember these indicators.

Railings for the stairwells – details and nuances

If the railings are installed in the house where a child lives, you will need special nozzles for the handrails that will protect the young traveler. Lighting is just as important, but you should also pay close attention to the presence of foreign objects in the interior. Forgotten ball, doll or designer detail can cause trauma (both in children and in adults). If you make the handrails with your own hands, you should take care of another detail –stair holders. Slippery material used for manufacturing the stairs should be covered with a carpet.

When installing the welded railings for the stairs, you should think about its aesthetic component. It is important for any house, apartment and office. If the railings will match the image of the company, located in the business center or separate premises – it will have a positive effect on its attractiveness (both for the common visitors and for the potential business partners). The main thing is not to think about the price. And in special catalogs you can see how beautiful the metal handrails look. Metal handrails for the stairs look really expensive and solid, even though they don’t cost so much. If the company can afford more, you should order the copper railings.

Before you decide to make an order, you should read the truthful information, weigh the pros and cons, look at the photos in the catalog and monitor the prices. You can buy the finished products or make them with your own hands.

What material for the handrails do you prefer? Perfect handrails for the stairs – what are they like? Write us about it in the comments.