Wooden houses give the impression of comfort and peace. Interiors and architectural features of the premises emphasize the reliability of the structure. Various stairs help to draw attention to the features of the decor, as well as provide an opportunity to increase the functional space.


Criteria for selection of stair structures

It is important to decide whether it is necessary to buy a ready – made model or it is easier to assemble it with your own hands. In the first case, you will have to spend more money, but less effort and time.

In the second case, you need to prepare for self-production of each part, get consumables and tools. The canvas on an individual project should fit into the room; the sketch can be ordered in the profile organization, and the installation should be carried out independently. The price of the project is formed depending on the complexity, type and material of the product. You can assemble the structure by the photo, but the calculations should be based on the parameters of a particular room.

Not any ladder can be assembled with your hands, although simple designs for paths and porch do not require special skills. The most popular material is wood, because it is perfectly processed and is relatively inexpensive.

stair railing in wood

Choice of material and type of structures

If you want to assemble a staircase in a wooden house with your hands, it is recommended to carefully consider every detail. Take into account not only aesthetics and presentability, but the ease of use and safety rules, as well as the final price. In this case, the factors that you need to pay attention to, vary depending on the purpose of the product:
• Porch. If is quite easy to build front stairs with your hands. The porch can be fully or partially closed or completely open. It is important to make contact surfaces as wear-resistant and anti-slip as possible. The correct device of handrails and handrails provides comfortable movement in any weather, which is especially important in the absence of a visor for the porch and special overlays on the stage.
• Interstorey stairs. If you have a small house, it is recommended to pay attention to wooden structures. There are ready-made options for every taste and budget, and it will not be difficult to install them with your own hands. If there are more than 2 floors, it is recommended to build concrete or metal stairs for emergency prevention.
• Supporting stairs. This category includes all kinds of retractable and folding structures. The device of such stairs is dictated by their purpose (garden).

The best material for the assembly of stairs with your own hands is wood. Ease of handling allows you not to worry about excessive load on the floor. Wood can be used wherever it is difficult to predict the shrinkage of the building in advance.

staircase wood railing designs

staircase wood railing designs

Dimensions of structures

When you assemble stairs for rooms and porch with your hands, the main thing is not to make a mistake in the calculations. If you choose the right balance between the dimensions of the wooden steps and the angle of inclination, you will do the half of work.
The height of march is dictated by the size of the room. The situation can always be corrected by choosing the correct form of runways. The device design determines the maximum width of treads, the minimum width for the front stairs is 0.7-1 m. You can choose a narrower model to access the attic, or porch. When you build sliding structures with your own hands, you should pay attention to the launching/rising device.

natural wood stair railings

natural wood stair railings

The safest design

inside wood railings

Safety and comfort of movement are important criteria for the device with your own hands. It is especially important to adhere to these requirements if there are children in the house. Each element of the interior and the adjoining territory (walkway, porch, steps) must be both functional and safe.

The best solution for the family is a blind staircase. Unlike an open-work staircase, it also has risers, but it looks more bulky and takes more space.

The assembly of the open-work staircase is also possible, it is only necessary to equip the canvas with half-steps; the details will exclude the possibility of getting the foot into the gap between the steps.

If you plan to install not wooden but triplex or metal stairs, it is recommended to equip the stage with special linings.

Rubber tips will protect you from slipping. Rubber paths can be laid on the porch and the local area, so that the paths will not gather water.



Advice and recommendations on the choice of stairs and canvases in wooden buildings will help make each house unique, comfortable and safe. The reviews and comments will help to supplement the material.