Even a small house or cottage cannot do without a ladder. This can be porch in a few steps, ascend to the attic or descend to the basement, pass between floors, quarry ladders, or gangways in the pool. All of these designs are not only very different in its purpose but also appearance. How should they look to make this useful interior and exterior of the building become a real decoration? This largely depends on the chosen style, finish, and decorative materials used. The most popular types of metal staircases are not only inexpensive, but they are a record of durability. Moreover, their appearance can be deliberately modest and practical and defiantly beautiful.

Where can I use metal stairs?

If the answer to the question should be posed in the title in one word, the answer is – everywhere. Indeed, metal stairs are applied to all sites due to its strength and ability to meet any design. They can be both internal and external.

Roof ladders

For example, roof metal ladder, perfectly withstands temperature changes, humidity, and various vagaries of nature and climate. However, they are quite easy and neat. They are practically invisible on the metal roofs. Due to the special rigidity and at the same time plasticity of the material, these stairs allow the use of mounts, which not only damage the roof cover, but also allow you to hide them. They are almost maintenance-free and can serve for many decades. Roof ladder can complemented with the vertical one, which in some cases, in addition to maintenance of the chimney and roof, is quite suitable as an escape. In addition, metal construction combines with slate and composite materials. Roofing or vertical ladder leading to the roof are rarely foldable.

Due to all the variety of modern roof, the roof of metal must be equipped with a ladder. Simple traditional solutions, in the form of boards with crossbars, not only spoil the appearance but are also uncomfortable and dangerous to use. That is why they install metal constructions.

Despite the fact that tiling can be incredibly complex geometry, the device of ladders does not use areas with winder steps. Being safe when lifting, they are very unreliable during descent, and there is no possibility to make a reliable fence in this case. Usually, the metal roof is attached with a metal ladder with a stationary mount. They can be decorated with low wrought iron railings that will complement your ornament grill or the design of the input group.


Loft ladders and gangways in the basement

Vertical ladders and stairs can be not only of roofing type. They often lead to the cellar or the attic. Attic metal stairs can be:

  • fixed;
  • side;
  • folding.

The same design can be used for descent in a cellar. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Stationary ladders offer more reliability and safety. They are well secured and can be supplied with wall railings. But, take some useful space.
The ladder is invisible most of the time. However, you will have to bring and install it to use it.
The most convenient option is a folding design. Today they can be vertical or inclined. When folded, they are almost invisible and unfold in less than a minute.

Also, attic stairs in the basement can be combined. For example, the input part is made in the form of a box in which the lower segment is formed, and other metal structures are made of wood. Polymeric coatings and linings are frequently used today.
It is not necessary to use winder stairs in the basement design. Usually, there is not only poor lighting, but the descent is steep. That is why the best option is a simple vertical design or direct march. In this case, the staircases are as safe as possible.
Often a metal staircase with wooden steps leads to the basement. They are more beautiful and familiar. But, in this case, special attention must be paid to the care of wooden elements, since high humidity without processing quickly leads them into disrepair.


Exterior stairs

When it comes to outdoor staircases in a private house, the first thing which should be remembered is the input group.

In most areas the level of the floor in the house is made above from the ground level to protect it from floods, to conserve heat in cold periods, and sometimes there can be utility room cellar.

That is why the front door is usually accessed via several steps. And often they are part of the covered porch, which, in addition to the staircases, includes railings or fencing and roof covering the front entrance.
Design of metal decorated with wrought iron elements and a variety of decorative materials. Try not to use wood, as it quickly becomes unusable. The roof over the porch is usually covered with the same material as the roof, or lighter flooring is chosen. So, porch with a visor of metal, slate, polycarbonate, composite materials looks great. Buildings in modern design are equipped with stairs of glass and metal. They not only look elegant and unusual but are carried very easily. An input group is equipped with traditional marching designs, sometimes with winder steps.
The external stairs lead to open balconies or attics; they not only adorn the facade but also play the role of the emergency exit.


Internal stairs

The interior stairs are not less varied and useful. But there are special requirements for appearance. And here you can see all of the different types. Here you can find wide open staircases from glass and metal. Cozy wooden structures. Metal spiral stairs and nonlinear solutions with winder steps. However, they can be combined in whole groups; for example, a door can go down to the basement and lift to the upper levels.

Special attention is paid to decoration. For example, metal stairs can be decorated with wrought-iron openwork or lined with natural stone. Also, the finishing can use tiles and wood. There are not less interesting solutions for railings and fences. The most traditional are forged and carved ones. But the modern interior is usually represented with transparent enclosures of glass or plastic and concrete casting.

Winder treads may be the basis of the small spans, for example on the rise in the pool, tub or bath, with small differences between the levels.
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Whatever the staircase is, entrance or cellar, plain and simple, or embellished with wrought-iron decorations, with a few steps between adjacent rooms or at high altitude on the metal roof, first of all, it should be reliable and safe.