folding ladders at walmart

How can you choose a reliable ladder for your apartment?

Efficient use of space in a residential area is possible only in case of use of every precious square meter. Shelves, closets and attic are just as important as bedrooms. How can you choose a ladder and make each zone of a standard city apartment helpful?

What do you need a folding ladder for?

Ordinary budget ladder have multiple functions. It is equally necessary during the renovation, redevelopment, or when solving everyday problems. Compact folding ladder does not occupy much space, it is durable and sustainable: it is recommended to keep an inventory in a dry place, metal is not exposed to external factors (temperature, moisture), and the period of service has not decreased significantly.

Ladders for home will be useful to facilitate access to high shelving and mezzanine. Design of the foldable ladder provides durability of the equipment. Such questions as whether to take a ladder on rent for certain works or how to choose a ladder with a guarantee of security and how much it will cost are the main when planning journeys.

If you choose a ladder for the apartment with small children, you should pay attention to the position of absolute safety and reliability; it is better to give preference to models with clamps and stops.

folding ladders at walmart
folding ladders at walmart

Benefits of folding ladders

In addition to absolute universality, ladders have the following advantages:

  1. The relatively small size and light weight, whereby the ladder can easily lift one person, and when folded, the item will not take up much space.
  2. Simple design and ease of operation. You do not need to have special skills or “to get along” with the technique to use it.
  3. The stability and reliability of the design which ensures the proper level of security in all types of household repair or installation work.
  Universal ladder: install the size yourself!


The reliability and stability of rented models should be checked out carefully.

The right choice of ladders can be based on personal preferences – steel ladders weigh much more than aluminum, but are considered more reliable.

stepladder height
stepladder height

Structural features

The assembly type of ladder not only affects its cost or the rental price, but also its service life. The features of ladders can relate to the following categories:

  • Material. Cumbrous and clumsy wooden structures were replaced by almost weightless aluminum and duralumin. Their direct competitors are steel ladders. You should use special dielectric lining (rubber or plastic) for electrical work; the price of a ladder depends on the material in the first place.
  • The type of construction. Classic ladders, made in the form of the letter “V” may not always provide the required height and reliability. In this case, you can hire the universal folding ladder or a telescopic type. Such structures consist of several sections (2-3) with 3-8 steps with increments of 15-50 cm. Ladders can be collected as a constructor, or moved along the guide rails. We should also consider the presence of side and top platforms. On the surface, it is very convenient to leave tools and equipment, which can also be rented together with the ladder.
  • Steps. Regardless of material (plastic, metal, wood or rubberized), the supports should be sustainable. It is considered that metal constructions are most reliable, where the steps are seamed and firmly connected with the base of the ladder. The working surface should be corrugated or covered with special material to avoid slipping when working.

Country of manufacture ladders can be recognized by the color of the used plastic used. Often red is used in the German ladders, blue – Italian, orange – in the Finnish or Dutch

reliable ladder locks
reliable ladder locks

Calculation of the cost of a ladder

If a small folding ladder can be easily stored in a closet, on the balcony or the mezzanine then high, bulky or specialized design should be better rented. The cost of rent depends not only on models but also on time.

The are examples of the price of ladders


Assign Material Height Price
Household ladder aluminum/wood 2-2,5 m 750-3000 RUB.


aluminum/steel 2,5-3 m 2000-5000 RUB.


aluminum/steel 2,5-3,5 m 3000-6000 RUB.


The cost of structures also depends on the fame and reputation of the manufacturer. Sometimes a brand product is in several times more expensive than its domestic counterparts without any functional benefits.

werner folding ladders
werner folding ladders

Choosing a compact ladder for the home or usual city apartment is a difficult and long process, but it is much more troublesome to rent the equipment. Different living conditions, the size of rooms and security requirements contribute to the emergence of different requirements to the inventory. Your advice and comments regarding the operation of all models of ladders in the conditions of a city apartment can make the lives of other users safer and easier.


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