Modern man simply cannot do without a step-ladder for the house. This essential household tool will be a real boon in that case, if you decide to replace the light bulb in the chandelier, to get the book from the top shelf or clean the accommodation on the mezzanine. You can not do without it during work in the garden as well as when it is necessary to descend into the sewer pit for the repair work.


The main types of step ladders

Modern store tools for home and garden represent a wide variety of folding ladders. If you want to pick up great household stepladders for apartments, for example, for a private dressing room, you should carefully examine the types of ladders.


Side ladders

This product is the simplest structure with two supports and rungs. Usually the ladder is made of wood. In the villages every house has a simple improvised ladder. Usually it is leaned against the barn. But the apartment can accommodate a small side ladder. It is a good choice for the home, for example, a dressing room or library. Also, this design is suitable for work in wells.


Extension ladders

In factored form they have shape of the letter “L”. Due to their design they do not require additional supports and have a high degree of stability. They are ideal for the garden. The work at height will be simple and comfortable. They are often equipped with wide steps on both sides.


Retractable or telescopic domestic ladder

The design of this product is very similar to a regular ladder, but telescopic instruments have additional advantages: they can move into two or three sections. This tool is perfect for use in wells. In addition, it is very convenient in terms of storage.



This type of design consists of two ladders, equipped with a platform between them, the height of which is adjustable. The wide flat area between the sections is completely safe, it is convenient to expand the tools and you can even walk on it. Such scaffolding-ladders are rarely used for work in the house or in the garden, because they occupy too much space, they are rather suitable to work on the site. However, sometimes such constructions are used as the archival ladder.



Ladders of this type are universal: they can mutate and turn into a product for the home, for example, for your kitchen, a dressing room, a garden tool for collecting fruits and berries and even become a professional sectional design for the well. Additional comfort is created by equipping such structures with wide steps.

telescopic ladders for sale

telescopic ladders

Choosing ladder, depending on its purpose

When choosing ladders, note the color of the plastic panels, which are attached to the posts, it will tell you about the region where it was produced. Red — production in Germany or in England, yellow – Dutch or Finnish manufacturing, blue — from Italy, green – from Belarus.
What should you pay attention to when choosing a ladder for home or garden? First of all, you should consider the tasks which it should solve. The ladder for the apartment may both small and compact to run a small series of works, such as replacement of cornices, small home repair and so on. But for a country house you can pick up a more versatile design for work not only in the house but in the garden.
It should be noted that lately there is a tendency to use a separate ladder for each room in the house — kitchen, walk-in closet, library:

  1. A stepladder for the kitchen. Recently, the market was presented a series of designs-transformers, which can take the form of regular furniture. This device has several features: it is used as a normal chair or stool, but after a few seconds flick of the wrist turns into a product with broad steps.
  2. Stepladders for walk-in closet. If ten years ago the dressing room could surprise someone, then this room is quite popular now. The interior of walk-in closets includes high shelves, so it is impossible to do without a ladder with wide steps. Anything can serve as a stair design for a dressing room, but the ideal solution would be a folding device of the attached type.
  3. Ladders for the library. The selection criteria the stairs to the library do not differ from the criteria of selection of classic devices, however there is a caveat: they must be extremely quiet.

There was released a series of ladders on wheels with wide treads specifically for libraries.

There have been also mentioned designs for wells. You should pay attention to the fact that products for professional use are much different from standard.

side ladder

side ladder

Features of professional designs for sewage wells

Each element of the product structure must meet the requirements of GOST. Depending on the type of wells and activities which you perform, the product structure is equivalent to a particular series (C-1, C-2, C-3, etc.). Ladders for manholes are made of welded vertical metal profiles. The width of the device for a structure shall not exceed fifty centimeters, and the height of the ladder reaches up to four meters and a half. Stage ladders C1-01 and similar for wells are made from round metal rod.

The article explains how universal such a seemingly utilitarian object as a home ladder can be. If you have such a ladder, just tell us how you use it and for what purposes. We are interested to know what purpose a transformer can serve.