Back at the dawn of their development, people have learned to process stone- first for various applications, and then to decorate their houses. Sculptures and household items made of natural stone have survived to this day, while the beauty of the buildings and structures finished with stone still impresses our imagination. As is known, stone products are timeless. They keep the warmth of the hands of ancient masters and convey their inspiration and emotional mood, outliving its creators for centuries.

The greatest period in the art of stone processing was the antiquity when palaces and arenas were built from natural stone. Due to the strength of natural stone, the products of ancient masters have survived to this day. High resistance and unique beauty of the stone products make them so popular these days. With the development of high technologies and the advent of diamond tools for processing hard surfaces, stone products have taken root in the interior of the living rooms and public institutions. In addition, they decorate the facades and courtyards of the modern buildings.

Natural stone slabs are used in the finishing of facades, stairs, fountains, benches, and floors and in the decoration of fireplaces and windowsills. Besides, plumbing (sinks, bathtubs, kitchen sinks and shower trays) made of natural stone look like works of art and serve very long. The use of stone products in the equipment of premises designed for intensive use provides them with durability and special strength, as well as solidity and even greatness.

Stone products are resistant to fire, rot, and different biological pests. Therefore, stone countertops are often used in the decoration of the bar counters, kitchen working surfaces and bathroom tables. By including the decorative elements or products made of stone, you will not just decorate the interior of the bathroom but also make it look more sophisticated.

Natural stone is widely used in the decoration of the most prestigious hotels- staring with the front door and ending with the bathroom equipment. Magnificent marble, granite, onyx, limestone and travertine products decorate the hotel rooms and flights of stairs. Properly processed stone steps are extremely safe and reliable. Feel free to install them outside, as they don’t require special care and look very presentable, giving a splendor to the house entrance. At the same time, internal staircase made of stone will serve very long, constantly pleasing you with its beauty and undemanding nature.

Natural stone windowsills will give the whole house a chic look and harmoniously fit into any classic or high-tech interior. Natural stone looks especially beautiful in the design of fireplaces. An original pattern that appears during the treatment of the natural stone makes every product and composition unique.

It has long been noted that the person who have introduced at least one element or product made of natural stone into the house interior becomes a fan of peculiar beauty and grace of the polished surfaces. It is enough to carefully look at the samples of works and products made of natural stone to fall in love with this wonderful natural material forever.

However, it should be remembered that only the professional home decoration with natural stone will give it the unique image and special chic that distinguished the interiors of aristocratic living rooms. Therefore, we recommend you to contact the professionals!