Among the wide diversity of flights, metal stairs give the country house or cottage individuality and some kind of “brutality” in the “loft style”. Components for the stairs to the second floor of the house are chosen depending on the operating site, strength of floors, expected load and manufacturer warranty. Which metal should you use to build a stairs to the second floor of the summer house or cottage?

Stainless steel: shine of chrome plated handrails

Stainless steel is the material that will never let you down for many indicators:

  • wear-proof;
  • resistant to the footprints;
  • immune to temperature changes, sun and high humidity;
  • it doesn’t respond to the effect of chemicals;
  • environmentally safe;
  • doesn’t need special care;
  • adequate price.

Why are the metal stairs popular?

The choice of stainless steel for the second floor of the house or cottage is caused by the following properties:

  1. High durability of the product. Such structure can carry a great weight and is not susceptible to the deformation. Components from this material are resistant to scratches and corrosion even in the open air.
  2. Aesthetics and universality. Beautiful and smooth surface of stainless steel ladders fits perfectly into the “high-tech” interior and such materials as glass, concrete and natural stone.
  3. Stainless steel construction will decorate the facades of the modern rooms of accommodations, shops and offices.
  4. Manufacture of the goods of any size, individual design and reasonable price.
  5. Small weight of finished product, which is especially important in planning its installation on the second floor of the cottage or house.

These qualities are common to the stainless steel constructions due to the composition of material: the alloy contains more than 13% of chromium. If the amount of chromium exceeds 17 %, the products made of corrosion-resistant material are not afraid of the operating conditions in the open air.

By installing the stainless steel construction inside or outside the premises, you can solve the problems of product care for many years, as the manufacturer provides a guarantee for up to 40 years.

Options of metal stairs leading to the second floor

Manufacturing of metal stairs is possible in different design solutions: winding, console, bolt, march and modular.
Choosing the type of construction, you should take into account some points:

  • march construction requires a lot of space, but it is safe and quite flat;
  • coming up and down the winding stairs is difficult, especially for the aged persons;
  • bolt ladder to the second floor is beautiful, comfortable and space effective;
  • console option is quite extravagant and creative; however, it requires careful approach to the fastening and is unacceptable at home or at the cottage with small children or older persons. In this case, it is impossible to install the fencing;
  • modular construction is easy to mount, as it is made of separate parts and collected as a constructor. Its price is quite affordable.

Components for the metal products can be traditionally made of metal, but recently people have also used glass, wood and plastic. Latter options are suitable for use indoors, but they can’t be used in the open air. In this case, stainless steel is the only possible solution that can withstand changing weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. The price corresponds to the quality.

Manufacturers of ladder products offer the options, provided with the forged elements, inserts, vertical components and illumination. The most common stairs to the second floor have metal fences and wooden steps. These components are much more resistant than glass and plastic, though the price of metal and valuable species is higher. Such elements (especially handrails) are available in a great variety of design solutions and can decorate any interior.

Preparation and installation of metal ladders

To start with, choose the place of installation of the ladder leading to the second floor of your cottage. Select the type of ladder, its size, number of steps, their width, height, rotation angle and design of the ladder. The idea of ladder installation must be incorporated in the project of building or reconstruction of the house, as the specialists should provide a place for mounting the supports and leave the necessary space for the openings of the future ladder. Choose the design of the fences, and most importantly, the materials that will be used for it.

Metal fence made of stainless steel is a great way to decorate the interior in such styles as “high-tech”, “loft” or industrial and provide the reliable system of ladder operation. Forged handrails will give the charm and spirit of antiquity to the construction. Glass fencing will add the space and airiness to the structure, while wood will make your house warm and comfortable. Consider the mounting system depending on the size of construction: if you ladder is large, it would be wise to make a mount both below and above, as the construction, situated far from the wall, requires at least two support points.

You are encouraged to entrust the installation work to the experienced specialists, who guarantee the quality, reliable result and adequate price for such services.

Components for the metal ladders

Metal construction and the same fencing is the most natural option, perceived as a coherent whole. Metal handrails can be mounted in two ways: assembling and welding. Welding method provides security, strength and stability of installed construction. These qualities will be conserved for many years.

The price of assembling is much lower compared to the welding, but over time, the fence elements loosen and can become threats to the safety of use.

You have to remember that, when choosing the iron handrails, you must pay attention to the smoothness and safety of the surface not to hurt your hands.

Make a right choice!

Remember that the choice of the stairs for the house or cottage is a critical moment, whose result you will observe for many years. Therefore, the low price of construction must not be a determining factor. Don’t forget that fully metal stairs suits only for the industrial halls, while lifting to the second floor in your cozy home must be accompanied by comfort and safety. Therefore, you shouldn’t use bare metal, as it is slippery and unpleasant for the bare feet.

Write us if you have an experience in the operation of stainless steel stairs: your impression and important nuances (what you should consider and what to be afraid of). If you want to learn more about the hand-made metal staircases, read the corresponding article.