• Wooden stepladder for collecting apples
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    Stairs of special purpose

    There are many invisible but necessary things in human life. They include stairs. They allow you to climb to the attic or to pick fruit from a tree, to get to the top floor of a building without elevator, to hang a chandelier from the ceiling, to repair the well or cellar, to go down to the basement garage. Besides the usually fixed marches and mobile ladders, there are very specific ones, such as stairs for dogs and the library.   Varieties of ladders Types of ladders are classified based on the scope of application of the material of manufacture, number of sections, and the ability to move. Such function…

  • aluminum ladder weight

    How can one choose an aluminum ladder?

    Lightweight and compact aluminium stepladder is convenient to use both in the usual city apartment and in the garden. A variety of manufacturers and models allows you to choose a reliable ladder at an affordable price   Manufacturers of stair equipment The market of stair equipment is submitted by various vendors with a large dispersion of prices. Well-known European brands and domestic brands (the ladder from “Alyumet”, “Eifel” and “Kroft”) widen lines of their products, trying to accommodate all the needs of consumers. Products of German companies Krause and Zarges are very popular. Quality, application of new materials and technologies (giving relief surface stage, complicated telescoping mechanisms) make ladders from…

  • manhole ladder access dimensions

    Vertical step-ladders for manholes

    It doesn’t matter how far the progress has stepped, the replacement for simple and reliable things that have served man for centuries, hasn’t been found. This also applies to ladders C1-01, better known to a layman as vertical ladders for manholes. Its peculiarities and types and will be discussed in this article.   The scope use of the sewer ladders If you have looked in the sewer pit at least once in your life, you have probably a ladder there. This is C1, a ladder, providing specialist access to the well for maintaining the given communications or cleaning. Mostly these ladders are installed in drainage systems, but they can be…

  • Stepladders

    Professional step-ladders

    Variants of ladders Three-section sliding ladder – multifunctional structures, which allow to collect a stable structure resembling the double-sided stepladder, but with a pull-out section for work at height. These ladders have found wide application in construction companies. Aluminium – a lightweight material, this makes the construction of convenient to transport and use. Ladders for home and professional use. The plant produced lightweight aluminum ladders of small sizes for domestic use and durable steel construction that can safely withstand any load. Ladders are needed for builders, finishers, electricians, and gardeners, and librarians. Tower tours for high-altitude construction and installation works. Such structures are very convenient to use. They are equipped…

  • Aluminum step-ladder

    Folding ladder – ease of use

    It’s hard to argue with the assertion that you can do without a ladder in the house, at the cottage in the yard, or during repair work. These products are different, but the usual makeshift, wooden ladders are gradually and imperceptibly faded. If you need to work on roof, to tidy up the trees in the garden, as well as other activities related to the height, it is dangerous personally to use a heavy hand-made ladder. But, fortunately, there is an alternative: reliable, lightweight and mobile folding ladder.   Multifunctional equipment This innovative solution has become a boon for people of different professions and occupations. This product includes several options…