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    How to make stair railings

    The main structural purpose of handrails is protection of the individual from the risk of injury. Every staircase with more than three steps must be equipped with safety elements, the most reliable of which are welded metal railings and fundamental wooden handrails. There are strict requirements for the total height of railing (900-1900 mm) and its ability to withstand a load of 100 kg per 1 running meter. Railings must be properly mounted and fit perfectly into the interior. Manufacture of handrails and railings with your hands is a difficult task, but this article will help you answer the question of how to build the stair railings and what materials…

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    Concrete stairs: types, manufacturing technology

    Mortar concrete has established itself as a strong and durable material with water resistance, frost resistance and fire resistance. These properties combine modern concrete stair installation. Simple construction, which requires large-scale and long construction works, fits for installation both inside and outside the building. If you need to install concrete stairs, the production of concrete stairs on hire will be the best solution. Let’s talk about the structure of the concrete stairs, including repairs and its benefits comparing to other materials.   Manufacturing technology The technology of manufacturing of these stairs depends on the place where it will be used. The standard staircase consists of a frame (stringer), formwork and…

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    How can you choose a reliable ladder for your apartment?

    Efficient use of space in a residential area is possible only in case of use of every precious square meter. Shelves, closets and attic are just as important as bedrooms. How can you choose a ladder and make each zone of a standard city apartment helpful? What do you need a folding ladder for? Ordinary budget ladder have multiple functions. It is equally necessary during the renovation, redevelopment, or when solving everyday problems. Compact folding ladder does not occupy much space, it is durable and sustainable: it is recommended to keep an inventory in a dry place, metal is not exposed to external factors (temperature, moisture), and the period of…

  • wooden ladder-transformer

    How can you make a wooden ladder-transformer?

    Multifunctional furniture will be a practical addition to your kitchen. One of these useful items is a chair-ladder. A transformer ladder has many variations. There are interesting models from IKEA, a simple version can be performed with your own hands. You will need to look at the photo, then create a drawing and follow the following recommendations for the assembly.   The transformer for the kitchen from IKEA The presence of a comfortable chair with steps from IKEA in the kitchen will facilitate access to the upper shelves of the items. There are several options from which you can choose the most suitable one according to personal preferences and interior…