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    Noble hardness: majestic stone balusters

    Beauty of modern balusters is quite diverse: the use of the latest technologies makes it easy to realize the fanciest and the most refined design. It is difficult to manufacture and install the marble balusters, but the result will exceed your wildest expectations. Marble is resistance to the impact of weather conditions and mechanical damage and make the stairs look luxury, which is why it is mainly used for outdoor structures. Human imagination knows no limit: different materials are used for decorating the stairs. However, fancy wooden lace and intricate iron forging are paled by the greatness and monumentality of stone balusters, while marble models are especially beautiful. Forms and…

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    Marble in the modern interior

    Stone finish is a perfect solution for the stairs in private house, multi-level apartment or public institution. Marble steps are characterized by the diversity of colors and textures. Here we will be talking about their types, characteristics and scope of application. Advantages of marble Marble is a strong and durable material. It is a little softer than granite. Therefore, it is used mainly for interior decoration. Following are the main characteristics of marble: Durability. Decorative characteristics. Resistance to moisture, ultraviolet and temperature changes. Anti-slip steps due to the special treatment. Wide color palette. Simplicity of care. Unlike their wooden analogs, marble steps will not start creaking with time. Given their…

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    Marble railings: luxury and durability

    In ancient times, the best builders and architects highly appreciated marble for its unique beauty and exclusive properties. Already at that time, they started to create the first sculptures, monuments and marble railings are the real works of art. It have been a long time, but marble railings and balusters are highly appreciated even now. What are the advantages of marble? Compared to many other materials, marble is characterized by durability, resistance to mechanical damage and temperature changes. Marble railings will remain beautiful for a long time. However, you should keep in mind that they are more vulnerable to the effects of environment that stone or brick models. On average,…

  • Marble stairs in the interior of the house

    Marble stairs in the interior of the house

    One of the materials which combine beauty and aesthetics with excellent technical characteristics, durability and practicality is marble. Since ancient times, natural stone has been used for the manufacture of interior items, such as stairs. Photos of exquisite, refined and elegant stairs made of granite and marble, which are located in cottages and expensive mansions on our website demonstrate the beauty and benefits of such facilities. The advantages of items made of natural stone   The design of marble stairs speaks for itself — the owner of the house demonstrates its solidity, high status of himself and his own house. On the owner of an expensive house can afford such…

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    Spiral staircases

    Veneer of concrete stairs: wood, tile or laminate?

    Concrete stairs are classic for public buildings. Rarely, this type of stairs can be found in a private house or cottage. Concrete steps have a number of advantages, but some disadvantages as well. In any case, if someone thinks that such a structure will cost less than a classic one and more expensive than a structure from natural log, this is a fallacy. The finishing of concrete stairs with wood is often a forced step, which helps to eliminate gross defects in the concrete structure. Advantages and disadvantages of a monolithic design The concrete spans are very popular. Like other designs, they have their positive features and drawbacks. Advantages The…